The Threat Is Real


  • This guitar-heavy track opens the Dystopia album. Dave Mustaine's predictions of impending doom introduce the dystopian theme running through the record.
  • The first voice the listener hears is that of Jordanian virtuoso singer Farah Siraj. Mustaine explained to "I wanted to have that weird kind of sound, but it's hard to explain to an American singer. She's singing about how the night is coming upon you."

    "Recently, probably in the last ten years, I've had so many fans contact us from the Middle East via social media, asking us when we're going to come there to play. And it's like, 'You know what? I would love to come there. But the flag on my passport is kind of like a bulls-eye. If it was safe to go there, I certainly would do it.' But honoring the music that they have and incorporating the two worlds is a great start."


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