Album: Suga (2020)
Charted: 31
  • Megan Thee Stallion came up with the idea for this song after a show. The rapper explained on Beats 1 she decided to do a track based on 2Pac's All Eyez On Me cut "Ratha Be Ya Ni--a." Megan asked Helluva Beats to come up with an instrumentation and he sent back a dreamy, bouncy beat the very next day.

    Megan wrote some of her rhymes on the plane traveling to her next gig and the rest in her hotel room.
    Within a week of her coming up with the idea, the song was ready to record.

    The result is a savage and unapologetic anthem about her expectations in a romantic partner. The song sets the tone for Megan's Suga album.
  • The song's music video introduces us to Megan Thee Stallion's "Suga" persona following Tina Snow and her Hot Girl Summer attitude. "I just really want people to know that I'm not perfect and I'm not promoting being perfect. Tina Snow was very confident, she was the mack, you know," Megan joked on ESPN's First Take. "She's just stepping on necks and not apologizing for it. Suga, she's more like, 'I know I'm messing up. I know I mess up sometimes I'm not perfect I admit I'm not perfect, I'm not trying to be perfect but I'm trying. So I feel like don't strive for perfection but strive to be what's perfect for you.'"
  • The song finds Megan taking men who try to control their girlfriends to task. The Texan explained to Genius the message she's giving is: "You can't control me. I'm not trying to control you. So why are you trying to put them cuffs down on me like that? Like when I get ready to be a nice little wife, I'm going to do that. But I like just personally, I feel like when you a woman, like people be trying to put them restraints on you like, 'Oh, you should behave this way and you should do this because this is how society feels like women should be.'"


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