Heaven on Earth

Album: Fearless Love (2010)


  • On this track from Melissa Etheridge's 11th studio album Fearless Love, she sings, "I've laid down my burden, the one where I have something I should prove." Etheridge told Billboard magazine that 22 years on from her self-titled debut she has shed that particular burden. "On my journey of doing this - recording, rock star, whatever all this stuff is that I do - there was always this feeling that there's more, there's a place that I have to get to," she said. "You come to realize the ones who are finding satisfaction in their work and enjoying the art that they're making are the ones that have laid down that burden of having something to prove. You start enjoying the work that you do. And that's what this album is for me."
  • This is one of a number of rock anthems on the John Shanks produced Fearless Love. Etheridge told Rolling Stone that she had a simple message when she met with Shanks - who has worked with everybody from Miley Cyrus to Bon Jovi - to discuss the album. "I told him that I wanted to make a record that's a hundred miles an hour all the time - unabashedly drawing from my all of my influences," she said. "What we've done rocks harder than I've rocked in years. There's a couple of ballads on it, but the majority of it is just really slamming."
  • Shanks began his career playing guitar in Melissa Etheridge's band in 1988 and toured with her for several years. "He likes to say I discovered him at [L.A. punk club] Madam Wong's," said Etheridge. "That's where I first heard him play."


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