I Got It Easy

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  • Michael Bublé penned this song with his musical director Alan Chang and Tom Jackson, who is the vocalist/guitarist of Chang's Los Angeles area rock band The Good Night.
  • Bublé explained to The Sunday Telegraph that the song was inspired by all the terrible things going on in the world: "Economic crisis, disasters, shootings," he said. "There's all of this darkness. But for the rest of us, if you can afford to download a track from a CD then you've got it easy."
  • Bublé admitted to The Sunday Telegraph that his record company hates this song as they feel it is too dark and it doesn't sound like him. "For me it's a thoughtful, personal, important song," he said. "I told the record company, 'If it doesn't get on the radio, you deal with it.' It's a polarising song. My mum hates it, my sisters love it."
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