Album: Call Me Irresponsible (2007)
Charted: 19 97


  • This song was inspired by Bublé's breakup with his former fiancée Debbie Timuss at the beginning of November 2005. In the Daily Telegraph May 6, 2007, Bublé discussed the song: "When I wrote 'Lost,' I was really very emotional - I was in the process of ending a relationship of 8 years. I was really bummed and I felt so badly for both of us for all we'd gone through, and that it didn't work the way we'd hoped it would. I wanted 'Lost' to be an anthem for all of us who have been in relationships where we loved the person and it just didn't work out - and that doesn't mean we're going to discard them from our life just because it didn't work out romantically." Bublé added that he played the song for Timuss, with whom he remained friends, after he'd finished it and that she "bawled," but loved it.

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  • Marisa from Australia I am almost 70 y/o but every time I hear this song my 20th come rushing to head and heart and I can still fill the emptiness after the breakup with whom l thought then was the love of my life
    I don’t know how you do it but the songs that write are very very special you seem to put your soul and life experience into words that go directly to your audience most secretly guarded memories and feelings
  • Emily from -, MiI cry everytime I hear this. I love it, it's beautiful. His voice is so amazing!
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