Album: Assault Attack (1982)


  • This was written by Michael Schenker and the group's lead singer at the time, Graham Bonnet, who recorded just the one album with the band. Bonnet, who had previously served time in the bands Rainbow and Alcatrazz, wrote the song about Toni Basil, who was having a bout with stardom at the time as her song "Mickey" was a huge hit. Basil, however, was an accomplished choreographer and dancer long before her hit song. "I met her back in the '70s when I came over here [America] with my first wife," Bonnet told us. "She was doing a TV show and she was a dancer. She had a group called The Lockers - it was this little team of dancers. And then she made this record that came out, and I couldn't believe it. She suddenly became very popular in England. So it's about her, 'Dancer' is about her. How she suddenly became a star and how everybody adored her."


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