Forever Yours


  • Smith speaks candidly on this song of his feelings for his wife Debbie as he reflects on his romantic life-pledge. It is one of two songs on the album that he wrote for her, the other one being, "You Belong to Me." The couple wed in 1981 and the singer told Caitlin R King of The Associated Press that their marriage is stronger than ever. "I have this amazing woman... who just so believes that God has got a call on my life. When you have that support from your soul mate, there's nothing better," he said.
  • Smith: "I think this is probably the most unique, different song on this album—and maybe of any song that I've done. But I tell you this: Everybody that I play the record for, when this song comes on, at the end of it, they've lost their breath a little bit, like 'Whoa, what was that.' It's not a typical, straight-up love song. It's very artsy - "'Til death comes between us/And the heavens steal you away' - just a great lyric, written by Michael Olsen, my drummer. It was one of the first lyrics written for the record. He wrote it to my melody. I said, 'I'm gonna give you freedom to move a little bit, but try to stick to the melody as much as you can.' I think 95% of the lyric is the first draft that I got. It blew me away." (Source

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  • Camille from Toronto, OhThe incorrect lyrics are posted for this song. The following are the correct words:
    I'm swept away in this moment
    I feel your heartbeat next to mine
    My hands are trembling
    It's overwhelming

    A whisper breaks through the silence
    A vow to test the breadth of time
    "Until forever,
    I'll be forever yours"

    Not just tonight
    I'm by your side
    For all your life

    'Til death comes between us
    And the heavens steal you away
    I'll stay yours forever
    Don't you worry, Don't be afraid

    The heart can shift like a shadow
    The deepest passions start to wane
    Stay ever tender; Never surrender

    Come waltz with me through the twillight
    And we will dance as seasons pass
    We move together
    I'll be forever yours

    So hold me tight; Say you'll be mine
    For all of your life
    Come what may

    So all we have is this moment
    But moments come and go so fast
    Until forever I'll be forever yours

    There is no other; I am forever yours
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