Rulers, Ruling All Things

Album: The Courage Of Others (2010)


  • On this song, frontman Tim Smith sings about wanting to be alone and free. He told The Sun January 29, 2010: It's not about rulers of nations but about the rulers in your everyday life. I've worked enough jobs where the company, year by year, becomes more corrupt, greedy and takes advantage of you."
  • A number of critics have commented that the lyrics on The Courage of Others are Smith's most personal to date. He told Mojo magazine February 2010: "I didn't have a character in mind, like I usually did in the past, or any real visuals in my head. I just started writing one song after the other and then you get to the end of it and you realise Oh yeah, it does seem like I'm writing more from the first-person point of view. Which is nice."


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