Walk It Talk It
by Migos (featuring Drake)

Album: Culture II (2018)
Charted: 31 10


  • This song represents Migos' first proper collaboration with Drake as a trio since the Toronto MC's remix of their breakthrough single "Versace" in 2013. Quavo appeared on Drake's "Portland" and Offset contributed to Metro Boomin's "No Complaints," which also featured the OVO rapper. In addition, Migos remixed Drake's Young Money: Rise of an Empire track "Trophies," but this is technically the first time the Atlanta trio have ever released a new cut as a group with Drizzy.
  • Drake references his previous collaboration with the Atlanta trio during his verse.

    We been brothers since Versace bando, whoa
    Name ringing like a Migo trap phone, whoa
  • Quavo's hook references the idiom "talk the talk and walk the walk," which means to perform in practice what one has claimed to perform verbally.

    Walk it like I talk it (talk it)
    Walk it like I talk it (ayy)
    Walk it like I talk it (woo)
    Walk it, walk it like I talk it (yeah)

    Quavo and his Migos bandmates are living up to their talk as a result of the ATL threesome's success in the music industry. However, there are plenty of fake people around the trio who aren't walking the life that their words are describing.
  • The song's beat is courtesy of trap producers OG Parker x Deko. The duo's other credits include Migos' 2017 single "Slippery."
  • Deko told Billboard the story of the track's instrumentation:

    "We have real deal music chemistry with them [Migos] where Quavo really trusts anything that we send. Me and Parker were just making the beats at the home studio and we just had a vibe. We sent like four or five beats out to Quavo and he ended up hitting up back like a little later like, 'I got Drake on the song' [laughing]. He was being all low key about it, so I think he was trying to make it a surprise for when the album drops."
  • The Daps and Quavo-directed video is a homage to the '70s music and dance program Soul Train featuring Jamie Foxx as Ron Delirious, the host of a fictional show called Culture Ride. Drake shows up joining Migos on stage for some old school dance moves. Fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty also makes a brief appearance in the clip.

    It was the 12th time that Dabs worked on a music video that starred or featured some portion of Migos.
  • Drake's memorable Jheri curl in the video was a '70s makeover the OVO leader had no hesitation in sporting. "That was all Drake's team," Daps told Billboard. "But me and him did speak on the phone prior to the shoot, and he let me know, 'Hey, look, I'm wearing a Jheri curl, so I hope everyone is wearing afros too.' I was like, yeah, we're going in."
  • Migos member Offset revealed some pretty impressive dance moves in the video. Daps admitted: "I'm not going to lie, one time I saw a YouTube video where he was doing... not the Macarena, but some kind of salsa dancing. And I was like - 'Wait, this isn't wack. It looks good.' So I knew he could move, but when he started popping and locking I was like, 'Oh, s--t!' This is the first time I've seen him dance like this.'"
  • No planning went into Migos' and Drake's dance moves in the video. "There was no choreographer, no rehearsals, nothing," Daps told Genius. "So these guys are just so in sync. No boy band. The moment these guys walk on set dressed like this, it makes a good shooting environment and creates good rapport because now we're all just in a good mood. It's jovial you know that they're in a good mood. You can't wear this and be in a bad mood. You look like an idiot. "
  • A rapper who goes by the name of M.O.S. recorded a song called "Walk It Like I Talk It" back in 2007, which landed on a DJ Folk mixtape titled It's Like A Movie the following year. TMZ reports that when Migos dropped this song with a similar title he listened to it and decided it uses a "substantial portion" of his version. M.O.S. sued Migos and Capitol Records for lyrical plagiarism.

    New York judge Analisa Nadine Torres dismissed the case. She decided the allegedly stolen line wasn't substantial enough to be protected by copyright.


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