Toy Boy
by Mika

Album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009)
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  • Mika felt under pressure writing a follow up to his highly successful debut album so he took advice from The Who's Pete Townshend. He explained to The Sun September 11, 2009: "I was really nervous about going back into the studio and Pete Townshend said to me, 'You need to think like a craftsman then the art will come.' I was round his house having dinner and to be told that by such a legend made me think carefully. I had to be disciplined and found that's the trick. So I started to imagine I was writing songs for an imaginary film."
  • Mika added to The Sun that this is his favorite track on the album: "I think it's really clever. It's almost like a punk Disney soundtrack. I try to use multiple voices so it's like you're being spoken to by different characters in a movie."
  • Mika told Q magazine June 2009 that many of his lyrics on The Boy Who Knew Too Much are "dark and emotional" He added that this song, for instance, is about a "toy that gets used and abused by different owners. I guess these songs are the antidote to my first album."
  • Mika said to Q: "This has a full orchestra, like a Disney soundtrack, but the lyrics are intense and dark. Toy Boy is full of twiddling flutes and lush strings, but the melody is very mechanical, like a music box."
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