• This song finds Miley collaborating with Pharrell Williams, who as part of The Neptunes, has produced numerous hit singles for various musicians. Cyrus told Billboard magazine how she mapped out a new sonic vision with Williams in Miami. "We wanted to make something really different," she said. "He came to my house, and I didn't have shoes on-I don't put a show on for anybody. He said, 'This is why I love you: You're just wild and free, and I want to capture that.'"

    This was the second song the pair wrote together and Pharrell described it as a union of "foreign elements."
  • This rhythmic hoedown features Nelly. "It's kind of a country, hip-hop, pop feel, if you can believe that," the St. Louis rapper told MTV News. "It's about having fun; kind of how a 4x4 truck symbolizes rebelliousness ... you know, mashing out, wanting to ride with the bad boys. It's a dope track."
  • Cyrus both raps and sings on the track, and Nelly complimented the ex Hannah Montana star's skills on the mic. "She grew up with hip hop. Hip hop is a way of life, she's not a rapper but she loves hip hop. It's about how she expresses herself," he explained to MTV News. "I know a lot of kids her age that are just like her; they grew up loving this music. People act like they want her to be 30 years old; she's not even 21, she has no kids, she's been working with Disney for her whole life, she wants to have some fun."


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