BB Talk

Album: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015)
  • This song finds Miley Cyrus getting personal as she delivers foul-mouthed spoken-word verses about an overly affectionate lover. The track was produced by Oren Yoel, who first worked with Cyrus' on the Bangerz number "Adore You."

    Yoel recalled to Fader: "She sent me in the track back and I listened to it in my living room. It's so personal and knowing her on a personal level, this feels like her when she talks. It's so effortless. I sent her the track and she wrote that thing."

    "This track was kind of crazy it took me a couple listens. My girl is such a good soundboard for me if something's hot, she's like 'this is really, really cute' and I was like, 'okay dope.' I never know. It's hard for me to judge my own s--t and hopefully it's dope. That's why I do everything 110%."
  • The out-there music video was co-directed by Miley Cyrus. It features her portraying a baby that is modeling a diaper, playing in a cot and with a rubber duck on a bath, throwing food sitting in a high chair and to round things off smoking a baby bottle - yep a baby bottle bong!
  • Billboard magazine asked Miley why she calls out a man on this song for his baby talking.

    "Dating a musician [like me] is probably the worst thing ever, because you always end up having your s--t in songs," she replied. "It's just inevitable. But I'm just that way. I'm a little bit boyish. But I can also be super femme and dress as a bunny rabbit. Who I'm with has nothing to do with sex - I'm super open, pansexual, that's just me."


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