Full Circle

  • This rocker was written by Miley Cyrus together with producers Scott Cutler and Anne Preven. The trio also penned "The Driveway" on the Breakout album and Cutler and Preven also wrote "These Four Walls" together with Cheyenne Kimball.
  • Scott Cutler and Anne Preven work as a partnership. Their commercial breakthrough was when Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia covered "Torn," which they had written in 1993 for their then group Ednaswap. Amongst their other credits are the Dreamgirls soundtrack, (including Beyoncé's hit single "Listen") and "Self Inflicted" on Kate Perry's One of the Boys album.
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  • Brittany from Wolfeboro, NhI love this song! "I know you will come around, you will come around!"
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