Baby Don't Forget My Number

Album: Girl You Know It's True (1989)
Charted: 16 1
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  • This was Milli Vanilli's second single, following up their wildly successful "Girl You Know It's True." It's a near carbon copy of their first hit, and it even surpassed it on the charts, as "Girl" topped out at #2. Like all songs on the album, the real singers were John Davis and Brad Howell, but Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan performed as the group and were listed as the singers on the credits.
  • Here's the Milli Vanilli scandal chronology and where this song fits into it:

    The "Girl You Know It's True" single became a European hit in the summer of 1988, and the album was released there in September. The real rapper on that song, Charles Shaw, told German media the truth about Milli Vanilli using fake singers, but he made a deal with Milli's producer Frank Farian and stopped talking.

    The single was released in America in December and took off. By that time, there were lots of rumors in Europe about the fakery, but America was insulated. "Baby Don't Forget My Number" was the follow-up single, and it hit #1 in May 1989.

    Such was the demand for more Milli Vanilli that the song took off even though the group couldn't sing live, which meant they had to turn down an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show. By the summer of 1989, some people wondered why Rob and Fab's speaking voices in interviews sounded nothing like their songs, and in July, they were caught lip-synching when their recording skipped during a concert in Connecticut. It wasn't until November 1990 that the truth came out about the group when Farian admitted that Rob and Fab were not the real singers.
  • The group's mastermind Frank Farian took sole songwriter credit on this song. Their previous hit "Girl You Know It's True" was a remake, so there were no publishing royalties to be made on that one.
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