Keys To The City

Album: single release only (2008)


  • This song was written specifically for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. Josh Bradford from the band Revolting Cocks sings lead and wrote the song with Ministry members Paul Raven and Al Jourgensen. The song became very popular at Blackhawks games and was used in the NHL 10 video game. Explaining his hockey connection, Jourgensen told us: "Since I was 6 years old I've been going to Blackhawks games. I know the owners of the Blackhawks. The son of the owner was my best man at my wedding. I wear Blackhawks gear everywhere, I'm a hockey freak and that's all I do in my winters. I don't even really watch football - big people go slam each other around. But hockey to me is like a mixture of chess, ballet, and UFC. You can't find a better sport, man. I'm a total hockey fan and I'm married to a Canadian whose godfather was the general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers for a long time, Bob McCammon, and so yeah, I've got a long hockey history and it ain't going away soon, I'll tell you that."


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