Album: Forever Neverland (2018)
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  • Written by MØ with former Data Romance member Ajay "Stint" Bhattacharyya, Kristoffer "Bonn" Fodgelmark and Albin Nedler, this electro-pop song finds the Danish singer striving to regain her identity.

    Let me out, I'm lost in the words
    Don't know how I ended here
    Trapped in a blur

    MØ's lyrics reflect her feelings after months of traveling between continents while on tour. "'Blur' is about feeling lost, and on a personal level I would be lying if I didn't mention that this song, for me, was about feeling creatively and artistically lost in the city of all great opportunities, Los Angeles," she said.
  • This number about being "creatively lost in Los Angeles" was the tune that helped MØ find her own voice for the Forever Neverland album after months of fruitless sessions. "With that song, I started to realize: 'Hey Karen, you should be vulnerable in your songs and sing about how you feel', instead of thinking, 'Do we have a tagline?' F--- that!" she scoffed to The Independent. "We know nothing good is going to come out of it! You might as well follow your own guts rather than some old guy in a suit's."
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