His Master's Voice

Album: Monsters of Folk (2009)


  • This is the closing number on indie rock band Monsters of Folk's debut album. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Mike Mogis spoke to Express Night Out about this track: "That song always felt like it was going to be the last song on the record. The vision, the imagery in the song - it felt like it had a closing feeling to me, for some reason. It's an understated epic feeling that I get from it, and it felt like closure to me. There's a really gratifying feeling to that song and it was hard to put anything after it. Due to the things that go though my mind when hearing that song, I didn't really want to hear anything after that song."

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  • Peter Shaw from Manchester UkMy father and myself loved this song ,since three billboards outside ebbing Missouri. That was his final song at his recent funeral.
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