Mötley Crüe

Vince Neil (Wharton)Vocals(1981–1992, 1997–2015, 2018-)
Tommy Lee (Bass)Drums(1981–1999, 2004–2015, 2018- )
Mick Mars (Bob Deal)Guitar(1981–2015, 2018-)
Nikki Sixx (Frank Ferranna)Bass(1981–2015, 2018-)

Mötley Crüe Artistfacts

  • Vince Neil and Tommy Lee clashed throughout their tenure in the band. Neil liked to remind Tommy that he had Pamela Anderson first.
  • Nikki Sixx married Playboy playmate Donna D'Errico one month after divorcing Brandy Brandt, who was also a playmate. Sixx has four kids: Gunner, Decker, and Storm with Brandi Brandt and Frankie Jean with Donna D'Errico. >>
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  • Tommy Lee was married for one month to a woman named Elaine Irwin Bergen, who is not the model who married John Mellencamp. Lee went on to marry Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.
  • Their concerts are extremely loud. After one show, a fan sued the band after suffering hearing loss. The case was thrown out in 1997 when the judge ruled that the fan knew the show would be loud.
  • Nikki Sixx was pronounced clinically dead after a drug overdose in 1987. He did more drugs the next day, but over the next few years, he and the other members went sober.
  • In 1995, Neil's 5-year-old daughter Skylar died from stomach cancer. >>
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    Jennifer - Knoxville, TN
  • Tommy Lee had a Jagermeister tap installed in the bar in his house as well as a Starbucks coffee machine. They were put in by the companies.
  • Vince Neil married Playboy playmate Heidi Mark in 2000. They divorced 15 months later.
  • Nikki Sixx was obsessed with fire and made sure pyro was a big part of their act. He experimented with flamethrowers on his bass for about 10 years before finally getting one to work properly on their last tour. He would use it to light their pentagram logo on fire.
  • Neil was charged with vehicular manslaughter after an accident that left a member of Hanoi Rocks dead. The band had been up for several days partying, and Vince was headed to the beer store.
  • The drug addiction in the group was so bad that at one point, the band was actually mainlining tequila while on tour. Tommy Lee made the comment that normal people would have drank the tequila, not shot it into their veins. >>
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  • During a birthday party for his son, a young boy drowned in the pool of Tommy Lee's Los Angeles home. The parents of the child were not there at the time, and attempted to sue Lee for neglect. >>
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  • Lead singer Vince Neil starred in a reality show on the WB in 2003 called The Surreal Life. Other former celebrities on the show were MC Hammer, Corey Feldman, Emanuel Lewis, and the girl who played Andrea on Beverly Hills 90210. >>
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  • Motley Crue reunited in 2004. The tour name was Red, White & Crue. They performed live together on The Larry King Show, and made news when they played Jay Leno's show live on New Year's Eve - Vince Neil said to Tommy Lee, "Happy f--king New Year!" >>
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  • In 2006, they were honored with the 2,301st Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Nikki was seven years old when he first smoked pot. He was with his mother at the time.
  • Nikki's father died on Christmas day, when he was in the shower and had a heart attack.
  • Tommy Lee's first tattoo was Mighty Mouse crashing through a bass drum set. "If it wasn't for Nikki," Tommy said, "I wouldn't have any tattoos." This tattoo is located on his right shoulder.
  • When Vince Neil was a teenager, he would go to skating rinks and compete in lip-syncing contests and would win every time. Vince and his buddies would go out of town to go to these competitions and Vince slowly realized that he was actually singing the songs - and singing them well. That is what gave him an interest in music.
  • When Mick Mars was prescribed medicine for his back pain, he started to hallucinate. His doctor told him that it would soon go away, but it didn't and Mick was soon seeing his footprints in a glowing orange color on the ground and also ghosts. Mick decided to quit taking the medication. >>
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  • Motley Crue gave their final performance at Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 31, 2015. Nikki Sixx told Shad of CBC Radio One's arts and culture program Q. "It was hip. It was cool. Vince cried, which I thought was really special, 'cause I had seen Vince only cry a few times. That was really nice to see that. I felt ready. I felt proud. When I walking to the stage, I was, like, 'We did it.'"
  • Nikki Sixx recalled Motley Crue's first-ever gig: "When we played at The Starwood on January 17, 1981, nobody cared. We couldn't get a record deal. And I'd say we couldn't get arrested, [but] actually, the only thing we could get was arrested. Our first show ended in a fistfight in the audience, and it wasn't the band fighting each other; it was the band fighting people that were messing with us. And that was the heart and spirit of that band."
  • Mötley Crüe's rider regularly included a jar of Grey Poupon mustard. On one occasion in 1988, Vince Neil found the 'wrong' brand of mustard backstage, lost his temper and threw the bottle at the wall. It bounced back and severed an artery in his thumb.

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  • Mike from Dodgeville WiTo Chace: from page 62 of The Dirt, I quote "Through his day job at the Starwood, Nikki somehow managed to talk his boss into letting us play our first shows there:two sets on Friday and Saturday opening up for Y&T. Mick was jittery because we'd never run through a complete show in rehearsal." Doesn't sound like a band that played the Whiskey. Sound more like a band playing together as a band for the first time. You might also want to check Paul Miles website Chronological Crue to get your facts straight.
  • Chace from LaTo mike from Dodgeville Wi, the band's very first gig was at the Whiskey a Go Go, where it all started. I would know this because I was at the final tour and I listened to Nikki Sixx's speech about how the band started.
  • Mike from Dodgeville WiThe band's first gig was 4-24-81 at the Starwood not the Whisky A Go Go.
  • Judie from Joppa, MdTo Beatrice. Vanity was not in Purple Rain. That was Appolonia. A common mistake a lot of people make
  • Jessica from Las Vegas, NvNikki Sixx got his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ((ex))boyfriend's name. His name was Nikki Syxx. Nikki couldn't decide what he wanted his name to be and he thought that ((quote))Nikki Seven is just not a cool name((quote)). Nikki ((Sixx not Syxx)) decided to just go with the word 'six' and add another 'x'. He said that he loved the guy's name but the guy was totally uncool.
  • Jessica from Las Vegas, NvNikki was seven years old when he first smoked pot. He was with his mother at the time.

    Nikkis father died on Christmas day, when he was in the shower and had a heart attack.

    Nikkis mothers boyfriend was taking a bath in the bathroom, Nikki was brushing his teeth from side to side instead of up and down like the boyfriend had taught him. The boyfriend got out of the tub and went over to Nikki and punched him on the side of his face knocking him to the ground. Nikki said that because of the boyfriend, he brushes from side to side everyday.

    Tommy Lee's first tattoo was Mighty Mouse crashing through a bass drum set. This tattoo is located on his right shoulder.

    The bands first gig was at the 'Whisky A Go Go'

    Vince Neil lives in Las Vegas, Nevada off of the street, Tropicana.

    When Vince was a teenager, he would go to skating rinks and compete in lip-sinking contests and would win every time. Vince and his buddies would go out of town to go to these competitions and Vince slowly realized that he was actually singing the songs- and singing them good. That is what gave him an interest in music.

    When Mick Mars was perscribed medicine for his back pain and started to hallucinate. He called his doctor and the doctor said that it would soon go away- but it didn't and Mick was soon seeing his footprints ((they weren't there)) He saw them in a glowing orange color on the ground. He also saw ghosts. The doctor said to keep taking it to see if the strange side effects went away. Mick decided to quit taking it right away.
  • Tinkie from Newburgh, Nyi have been reading alot of post,and not one post gets in the "dark' side of nikki and robyn crosby of ratt. they were best friends for many years and im sure they had to have groupies and other excesses together. my couriosity is taking me to other places.robyn found out he had hiv,he said he was pretty sure he got it while on tour. and he is pretty sure he got it from drugs.my thing here is you never here nikki talking about his health, im pretty sure he has hep.c... they even took vacation together,2 junkies together is bad. i bet alot of rock stars now wish they never did what they did,while on tour.when you do not have your health you have nothing ,no matter how rich you are.
  • Tucker from Asheville, NcFor all of you Crue fans, I wanna say that you know what real rock n roll is. I'm a drummer and I've been a Crue fan for over 4 years and I have never liked a band so much in my life. Keep rockin yall, and remember, I'm the next Tommy Lee.
  • Libby from Mcminnville, TnTo clear some things up. Nikki and Donna are divorced now. The divorced was finalized back in June of this year. Donna filed for divorce last year. Looks like some of you people don't watch Vh1 or E! or read anything over at Nikki's website. I just wanted to clear that up and if that doesn't clear it up just google it. :-D
  • Beatrice from Alpine, TxNikki Sixx used to date Vanity the used to be actress turned preacher,who co-starred with singer
    Prince,in the movie 'Purple Rain'.It was said that she was with him during his overdose,anyways the relatonship ened shortly after that. The roman numeral 6 that he has tattoed on his arm,was at first just the letter V,he had it tattoed for Vanity to show his love for her,for sticking by his side after his overdose.But after they broke-up,he had it changed to VI,and went on adding more tats!
  • Steven from Melbourne, AustraliaOk in reply to the comment bands such as KISS, Alice Cooper and Van Halen would have died out(and occurding to this twit have) This is totally untrue. KISS were one of Nikki's biggest influences, They toured with them and Van Halen. Look at Motleys stage show, heavily based on KISS and Alice Coopers influences. Nikki considers Alice Cooper to be a god. And Funnily Enough KISS still sell out their world tours and are currently planning another one. Alice Cooper just finished a sold out world tour and Van Halen are touring next year with David Lee Roth on the mic and I promise you that wont fail to sell out world wide either. So before you say KISS, Van Halen and Alice Cooper are dead think about it, there is no Motley Crue without such bands to influence them, and these bands will forever sell out tours u douche.
  • Ryland from Snowflake, AzMotley Crue Rocksss!!!!!!!
  • Efrat from Raanana, Israelaerosmiths song dude looks like a lady was inspired by vince neil, when steve taylor saw him with some girls in a bar and wondered how he got so many girls when he looked like one himself.
  • Keith from Garwood, TxIs it true that Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" was written about Vince?
  • Mleissa from Wasaga Beach, CanadaI saw them on October 2 of this year (2006). Mick actually looked better than I would have thought, he was working his way around the stage really well. They performed great, and it was Tommy's birthday so when Aerosmith came on they gave him a birthday cake and he played drums for them on a song (Can't remember which one...that was a loong night lol)
  • Justin from Fredericton, CanadaMick Mars is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met. His attitude is generally upbeat and always crackin jokes. He definitely does not act as if he is "dead" and for a guy who lives with that pain of what he has, he does good just to get out of the house on a daily basis nevermind playing motley crue tours...STILL!! To see Mick still out there, not battling thru it, but conquering it, is truly inspirational and the farthest thing from "sad".
  • Sthrndixiecwgrl from Somewhere, United StatesNikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico are divorced
  • Kawi from Montreal, CanadaNikki Sixx's real name is Franklin Feranna NOT Ferrano!! PEOPLE, ITS IN THE DIRT (the best book ever written...that and Tommyland!!)!!!!
  • Brittney from Newman, CaActually...Donna filed for divorce to Nikki recently. He says that he'd really like people to respect her privacy though so I'm not gonna say any more.
  • Matt from Vancouver, United StatesThe only reason that Mick Mars walks around like a hunchback is because his spine is slowly bringing him to the ground. He has a diesease, ankyolosing spondylitis, which grows between bones and joints making them stiff. ITS IN THE FREAKIN BOOK PEOPLE!!!
  • Heather from Peterborough, CanadaNikki is 47 and will be 48 in December of this year (2006).
  • Mgjghh from Ickle, BelgiumDoggone it, Mick Mars's face is shriveled up like a dead fish and he slaunts around like a hunchback.
  • Karren from Deerfiled, Nhnikki sixx is 47 not 48
  • Jen from Ontario, Canadamotley crue is the best band ever!!!they rock!!!!
  • Mellissa from Wasaga Beach, CanadaMotley Crue's autobiography, The Dirt, is one of the coolest books ive ever read. You should read it.
  • Brad from Pittsburgh, PaAxl will take him!
  • Omar from Newark, Njwhat about when vince called out axl rose to a fight? that was some good news
  • Nica from Largo, FlThe lyrics "Frankie died just the other night" are not about Nikki changing his name. He tried to kill himself. Then wrote the song after the fact.

    I wondered about it for several years, when I met him I asked him.
  • Hannah from Balsam Lake, Winikki sixx is 48 and he still is a total babe. I wonder if Donna D'Errico is still pretty. Well anyway peice out (hey nikki your lucky to be 48 and still hot!)
  • Jennifer from Knoxville, TnNikki Sixx is HOT!! Beautiful teeth and mouth, nice legs and butt, great tat's on the arms, beautiful eyes with or without the thick black eyeliner....I just wanted to get htat out in the open.
  • Angela from Vancouver, CanadaTommy Lee was married to a girl from Vancouver. Her name is Elaine Starchuk. She was in Penthouse Magazine in the 80's. They were married for 3 months in 1984. People mistook her for Elaine Irwin who was married to John Cougar Mellancamp.
  • Tammy from Gloucester, VaHey, I knew all of these guys back in the day when RAT was the opening act. I was there for Nikki's 25 birthday,back when shows were general admission and the partying went from the stage to the floor and then to the dressing room. I remember when Nikki decided to try and see life from both earth and the here after. He in fact was dead but was revived, went back out and did it all over, just to come around and find the needle still in his arm. As for Tommy Lee, best drummer around, has some of the most fantastic moves any drummer could do - has always had a temper. Vince has had his fair share of misfortune, his daughter being the worst - I think he actually grew up then. Mick - Mick is just Mick.
  • Andrea from Seattle , WaThe is a lot of mis-information here. First: Nikkin and Donna did not divorce they separated only to reconcile shortly afterward. They did not mainline Tequila it was Jack Daniels. Mick Mars changed his name because he did not like his initials of BAD- Bob Allen Deal. Tommy and Vince did not get along because of Vinces drinking while Tommy was going through Pamela issues. They also had issues related to general band tension, NOT because Vince said he was with Pamela. Vince to this day says he was not intimate with her. Nikki was not married to Donna a month after his divorce. He dated several women prior to Donna. Brandy and Nikki were in fact divorced, it was the custody issues that caused them to be in court when Donna and Nikki started to date, not marry.

    It is completely ridiculous to think the Crue is in ANY way responsible for anyone doing drugs. There were drugs before them and certainly in their haitus. Motley was focused on about their drug use because they didn't care if people knew. They were not any different from any other bands drug use at the time or today, they just talked about it.

    Please read The Dirt, this will elivate any other untrue stories.
  • Martha from Fredericksburg, VaTommy Lee was never married to Elaine Irwin. This is false information that I have seen all over the Net. He WAS married to a Penthouse Pet for one month. Her real name was Elaine, but she performed/posed as Candace. The marriage was annulled after one month; Tommy has said she and his mother hated each other. Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx separated in 2001 but later got back together and they are not divorced. Vince Neil recently married longtime girlfriend Lia Gerardini. He has also been married to Beth Lynn, Sharise Ruddell (mother of Skylar), and Heidi Mark.
  • Jim from Los Angeles, CaAlso Bob Deal's (AKA Mick Mars) birthyear is 1951.
    Everywhere else on the net mistakenly says 1956.
    He looks terrible (dead) and acts out of it (dead). Sad. Makes Ozzy look decent.
  • Jim from Los Angeles, CaMotley Crue members are NOT sober. Neil still gets drunk and assasults everyone at his solo shows (after singing terribly). Tommy said in a recent interview that he still likes booze and sex. Probably the others as well.
  • Randi from Erlanger, KyNikki Sixx actually "sotle" his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriends. He said the guy wasnt cool enough to have a name like Nikki Sixx and claimed the name for his own.
  • Randi from Erlanger, KySkylar Lynnae Neil died at age four on August 15, 1995 of cancer.
  • Randi from Erlanger, KyHey Mike Howell! The Surreal Life's first season, the one Vince Neil was on, origionally was on the WB. VH1 picked up the show the second season.
  • Mike from Howell, MiVince Neil did appear on the Surreal Life, but it was on VH1, not the WB.
  • Robert from Fort Smith, ArFirst I am not the "Holy Roller" that beleives that world is coming to an end, and I love music especially good rock. And I can really jam to alot of the Crue, BUT I dont feel sorry for them because of their dramatic lives like many people seem to.
    They have taken the life of another very good band member, they have shown many kids the life of drugs and irrisponsibility. Think of the people that are on drugs because of Crue, Somebody said what the world would be like without crue, the crue started the largest drug in history.
    I have hung out with Vince Neil after a show in a bar and he is serious alcoholic with lots of issues, I like his music but he is not my Idol in this life or the next.
  • Andrew from Cape Town, South AfricaMotley Crue are great. Without them there would never have been a Guns N' Roses, Poison, Winger, RATT, Nelson, W.A.S.P., Danmger Danger or Bon Jovi, and old bands like KISS, Van Halen and ALice Cooper wuld probably have faded away into oblivion. Hey, wait a minute.......
  • Ari from Elizabeth, NjMore on Nikki Sixx's revival: according to an interview on VH1, the EMT's that came for him after his lethal heroin overdose declared him dead and did not bother to revive him; one of them, however, was a Motley Crue fan and suggested they try to revive him.
  • Amy from Alpharetta, GaWe met Nikki Sixx this past Thursday in Hawaii at a resort in Waikaloa. We were sitting by the pool next to him - he was composing lyrics for a new song. A very nice guy!!!! He was there with his wife and 5 children.
    -Amy, Alpharetta, GA
  • Jeff from Seaville, NjMotley Crue > Quiet Riot.
  • Travis from Orange, CaSixx overdosed on Heroin and was D.O.A. When Sixx was released he went home cooked some more up, shot up and passed out. He later woke up with the needle still in his arm, and a puddle of blood in his palm. He knew right them he had to quit.
  • Marshall from Honolulu, HiA charity concert in honor of Skylar Neil occurs every year around June-July at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. Titled Crüefest, the concert brings ten Garage Bands, who are required to play at least one Mötley Crüe tune. They come from all over The United States to play all day and offer all proceeds to the Skylar Neil Foundation. Find more information at http://www.cruefest.com/
  • Amy from Chicago, IlVince Neil's daughter, Skylar, died of cancer. I believe she was four. VERY VERY sad. He wrote Skylar's Song for her.
  • Nicalee from Oklahoma City, OkNikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico are not divorced.
    The song "On with the Show" was written when Nikki killed Frank. (He changed his name from Frank to Nikki Sixx the line says "Frankie died just the other night some say it was suicide"
    Vince's daughter did not die from Leukemia. Randy Castillo who played drums for a short time with the crue died in 2002 after a battle with cancer.
    Nikki's father betrayed his mother by naming him Frank Ferrano Jr. Nikki later had his name legally changed to Nikki Sixx.
    mick mars real name is Bob Deal
    Vince Neil is Vince Neil Whorton
    and Tommy Lee is Tommy Lee Bass
    vince neil became interested in music when he broke his leg and couldnt surf anymore. He began lip synching at skating rinks and went from there.
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