by Mr. Hudson (featuring Vic Mensa)

Album: Single release only (2018)
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  • This song finds Mr. Hudson stuck in a relationship that's not working anymore. "For me 'Coldplay' is about that moment when you're about to give up on someone, but you don't," explained the singer. "You dig deep. You keep working. Even though it might be easier to walk away."
  • The song features a verse from Vic Mensa, whom Mr Hudson first met in London in 2013. The pair's mutual admiration for one another resulted in the English producer working with the American rapper on the latter's track "Almost There," released in June 2017. Mensa returned the favor a few months later, cutting a verse for "Coldplay."

    "Vic's verse is powerful," said Mr. Hudson. "It's more than a feature. He wears his heart on his sleeve. We've been friends for four years and we only just worked together! You can hear in our collaborations that we really wanted to add a lot to the records. Not all features are like that. Sonically, I love the jazz quartet on a space-station aesthetic. Sad-robot music. That's my happy place."
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