Feed Me With Your Kiss

Album: Isn't Anything (1988)
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  • The lead single from My Bloody Valentine's full-length debut album, "Feed Me With Your Kiss" is an ear-shattering din of rampant guitars lightly punctuated with sleepy vocals from Bilinda Butcher and Kevin Shields. In contrast to their second album, Loveless, which took more than two years to record, Isn't Anything took just two weeks, albeit two nearly sleepless weeks.

    "Often, when we do the vocals, it's 7:30 in the morning; I've usually fallen asleep and have to be woken up to sing," Butcher told Spin magazine. "Maybe that's why it's languorous. I'm usually trying to remember what I've been dreaming about when I'm singing."
  • Music wasn't the only thing to interrupt the band's dreams during the album sessions, which took place in Wales at a studio in the English countryside. Kevin Shields explained in a Spin interview: "We were in this valley, OK, in the middle of nowhere, with like, lots of sheep. But the sheep were incredibly noisy, really horrible. Every time we wanted to sleep, there were thousands of sheep milling about, making really corny sheep noises. I mean, sheep sound like people imitating sheep. But that wasn't as bad as the jets. About two hundred feet above our heads. It'd be like silence, and all of a sudden there'd be virtually a sonic boom of noise, like an explosion above your head."
  • This also lends its title to an EP, also released in 1988.
  • Isn't Anything topped the UK Independent Chart. When a re-mastered version was released in 2012, it peaked at #61 on the UK Albums Chart.
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