Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us

Album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002)
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  • This is about a guy deciding that a fake life with a woman is leading him nowhere and he wants to cut it off. Despite the fact that he seems popular being with this woman and she wants him, he is drinking, they fight, and all of his friends are fake. It is a song about not selling out for the high life. >>
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    Jay - Cottonwood, CA
  • There are some drug references in this song, such as "Eating breakfast on a mirror," which implies doing cocaine after waking up. The controlling girlfriend doesn't want the singer to do them, and he resists.
  • More lyric interpretation:

    "The amount of pills I'm taking, counteracts the booze I'm drinking, And this vanity I'm breaking lets me live my life like this" - He's doing many things at once. The "vanity" could have a double meaning, literally it's a piece of furniture but it could also indicate how self-absorbed he is.

    "And you can cry all you want to, I don't care how much." - He doesn't care how much she cries and begs him to stop using drugs, he won't stop so she might as well give up. >>
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    Rhiannon - Manchester, England, for above 2
  • According to Ray Toro, MCR's lead guitarist, the song marks when he and rhythm guitarist Frank Iero first clicked. "The stuff Frank played on top of the opening riff just completely complemented it," he told Tom Bryant, author of Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance. "That was when I knew it was going to work, and that his style would interweave with what I was doing."
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Comments: 11

  • Rae from Buxton, NcGreat song. I was shocked to find out it was one of their first! That just shows they are meant to do this and have incredible talent.
  • John from Sylvania, Oh@George:
    The music video is based off of the audition.
  • George from Placeville, WiThis song reminds me of the movie "Audition"
  • Georgi from Londonwhat is sharpest lives about?
  • Ali from Oxford, PaYep, I agree with Samantha, the song is about just choosing the drugs and loosing the girl. And Eliza Cuts isn't a model, she's a hairdresser, Audie...
  • Robyn from Granbury, TxThis song is about Gerard himself. He had a very controlling girlfriend that wanted him to stop doing drugs and when they broke up she went after his brothers and friends. He has said at shows as mentioned before here that "This song is about a big fat whore!" What a way with words that man has.
  • Linn from Port Douglas, AustraliaGerard is now Married to *drumrole*loosens collar* Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence!
  • Astrozombie from Chchhe's getting maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarried! sorry completely irrelevant but how cute!
  • Audie from Auckland, New ZealandI read on ImNotOkay.net that this song is actually about the guy heavily into drugs (like Gerard when he was depressed in high school) and the girlfriend is sick of it and tells him (Gerard) to stop. The guy is unhappy of his controlling girlfriend, and is basically telling her to get lost. Hmm...maybe this is why Gerard broke up with his girlfriend, Katmandu? He's got a new girlfriend, she's a model - Eliza Cuts.
  • Cassie from Somewhere, NcLMAO. a big fat whore. That's funny. Gerard-gotta love him!
  • Samantha from Nowheresville, WaI heard this song was about a guy who is heavily into drugs (specifically cocaine), and his girlfriend is trying to get him to stop, so he's basically telling her to f*ck off. As everyone knows, mirrors are associated with coke, so the basic meaning of the song is, he's choosing the drugs over his girlfriend (hence the title, "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us"). He's also telling his girlfriend that she can't have his friends, or his brother. Gerard Way has said at some of MCR's earlier concerts that "this song is about a big fat whore." His words, not mine.
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