Album: The Black Parade (2006)
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  • Lead singer Gerard Way (from Kerrang! magazine, November 2006): "It's a commentary on kids being viewed as meat; by the government and by society. That's how I felt in school, and after 9/11 happened that's how I felt in general. It's very important that this song is here because I always viewed this as about these kids in the parade who had killed themselves, who had made a big mistake. It's a very powerful song."
  • The constant use of proper nouns may make the song a little confusing. There are three separate entities being referenced: "respectable" society, teenagers in general, and you (a teenager). The first verse is about the relationship with society and teenagers. Because "All teenagers scare the living s--t" out of the rest of society, they keep them on a short leash. The second verse is about you - a homicidal teenager, and how teenagers scare the living s--t out of you too. >>
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    Angela - Sacramento, CA
  • Introducing this song at a concert in Cleveland in 2008, Gerard Way said: "This song is about what most of you guys are, and what I used to be!" >>
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    Gerard - Prince George, BC
  • Gerard Way said this came about after he was left feeling old as the lone adult on a subway ride full of teenagers. >>
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    Rae - Buxton, NC
  • Gerard told NME this explores violence among teens: "That song almost didn't fit on the record but it's a topic that's so important to our culture. It's about a really big problem in America where kids are killing kids. The only thing I learned in high school is that people are very violent and territorial."
  • This was used in the 2008 drama Never Back Down, starring Sean Faris and Amber Heard. The music video was also featured on the TV series Bionic Woman in the 2007 episode "Do Not Disturb."

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  • Big Bob from WisconsinIs it just me or does this song sound a lot like the highwaymens song How do you feel about fooling around. Music, lyric structure, the whole thing with no credit given.
  • Blu!! from Your Basement <33this song is a banger 100% recommend . ! -trans enby from 2021
  • Your Wine Aunt from Night Vale This song has impacted and helped me so much as a 14 yr old. It’s so powerful and holds a special place in my heart.
  • Ya Girl from Where I AmThis is my favorite song of all time. It makes me feel understood. As a 14yo, outcast, member of the lgbtqia community i tend to be made fun of quite a bit, and this song makes me feel appreciated and not alone.
  • Aiden from Dream SmpTbh it makes me feel understood, as a 15 year old trans boy who is only viewed as meat in society
  • Dante from ConnecticutJust remember, Gerard wrote this song because he was having a panic attack cause there were teenagers across from him on the subway
  • Menine from ScandinaviaI love this song so much
  • Jonathan from San FranciscoThe Macy Gray cover of this song is a hillariously crafted version in which she rewrites lyrics to express the viewpoint of a parent of teenagers. She works the chorus hook in perfectly. Playing the two versions of the tune in the same set or playlist makes people think a little harder.
  • Casey from Glendale, AzMacy Gray did a cover of this song and completely f--ked it up and change the lyrics into something stupid.
  • Rae from Buxton, NcThis is my first mcr song ever and I love it dearly.
  • Unknown from Hollywood, Flluv this song.
  • Molly from Baldwin, Nyi don't get it. if you guys hate this song, why are you here then?
  • Alex from Diego, CaAnyone notice the open of the video is alot like In The Flesh? by Pink Floyd and I agree a bit like Teen Spirit
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkWhen I heard this song on my niece's ipod, my faith in the future of rock and roll was restored. I will keep my promise to never tell her mother that she's listening to My Chemical Romance.
  • Logan from Indianapolis, Inthis song is amazing!!! its wierd how the lyrics are horrible but so many people love this song!!! i never pay any attention to any lyrics!
  • Liam from Donegal, Irelandyour not alone Hunter. I love My Chemical Romance... but I really hate this song. It's anowing, overplayed, and I really think the video is better off in a skate park. I think the cheerleaders reaked it for me. (can't spell)
    - V-Starr, ??????, MI
    In a skate park? What's wrong with a hall filled with f***ing teenagers? Besides, if the cheerleaders wrecked it for you, what difference does that make to the song? Besides, the cheerleaders are meant to be ironic.
  • Maxx from Fort Atkinson, WiI see this song as saying that everyones different as a child but the same but as yew grow older your forced to fit into society.. To get a job for example.. An this song pretty much says its good to be different and not fit in all the time.. No one wants to be a drone forced to do something yew don't want just to make others happy..
  • Mike from Cincinnati, Oh It's one thing when rock copies rock it's kinda like a tribute and rap only copies the beat or rythem. when country copies a rock song line for line and puts there label on it it makes me mad.
  • Mike from Cincinnati, Oh I don't know what you guys are complaining about MCR is a damn good band. Just about every band has copied at one time or another metallica,guns and roses,pearl jam just to name a few. If anything they did a tribute to nirvana.
  • Nick from Elko, Nvthis song is about school shootings "what youve got under youre shirt will make them pay for the things that they did"
  • Amanda from Manitowoc, Wijinx, you are right!
  • Jinx from ---, Nvokay, i have the mcr book about the songs, and it says that Teenagers is about Gerard feeling old. It also says that Gerard came up with this song while he was on the subway train. When he was sitting down he was surrounded by a lot of teens and he started to feel sick and couldn't breath. He grabbed his note book and started writing down his thoughts so that he could calm down. And there you have it Teenagers. Of course he might have had to edit it so that it could be come a song, but it doesn't say that. So when he was on the train he felt really old by being surrounded by teens.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moi agree matt, my friend listens to mcr, and id always thought the concept of this album was a bit reminiscent of The Wall. im really not a fan, but i like this song because its a very accurate descripiton of teenagers, speaking as one.
  • Bubba from Reno, NvI CAN SEE UP YOUR STRANGE!!!!
  • V-starr from ??????, Miyour not alone Hunter.
    I love My Chemical Romance... but I really hate this song. It's anowing, overplayed, and I really think the video is better off in a skate park. I think the cheerleaders reaked it for me. (can't spell)
  • Mike from Cincinnati, Ohis it just me or are there parts in this song refering to how the millitary views teens
  • Ed from Rugby, Englandthe song is very honest about the way teens are though.
    The gang cultures, teens driven on over-hyped emotions, the way people use young people and expect them to behave in a certain way.
    Teenagers are being opressed and a revolting against that - thats what the song is about.
  • Matt from L-town, PaHmm i think ur all idiots for saying this vid reminds you of "Smells like Teen Spirit" its almost an exact bite off of Pink Floyd's In the Flesh, from the movie the wall..... In fact the hand motions are almost identical... hmm sorry for all the punk rockers/emo heads but MCR has moved on and the black parade is a concept album dereived from pink floyd's and queen's works. Hint, plz shed the 90's rock cuz classic rock is pretty much the core of modern day music hollar.
  • Mitchell from Adelaide, Australia Haha, Dazed and Confused isn't their best, it is good but not the best. Without using the awesome super card Stairway to Heaven, Misty Mountain Hop has somewhat a better chance of being better than this song, even though i don't think in terms of what songs are better. I can understand why you used Dazed and Confused because it talks about teenagers but geez.

    Rock and roll is not dead, its just dormant because it doesn't get exposed as much anymore. This is definately good though, I'm happy some things squeeze through.
  • Mackenzie from Vacaville, CaAnyone else notice how close the video was to "Smells Like Teen Spirit?" Another anti-pep rally?
  • Elliot from Manchester, United Kingdomsounds very familliar 2 Oasis' Ciggaretes and Alcohol
  • Stefany from Belleville, Njthis song was written by gerard in a subway on the way to the studio.
    apparently gerard was in a very paranoid state of mind on his view of kids.
    frank came into the studio late and asked if they were actually serious about recording the song.
  • Morphine from London, EnglandA response to: toast, portland, ME

    Actually Gerard Way has been clean and sober for 3 years and a bit.

    He got over being an alcoholic and was not one when they wrote The Black Parade album. So actually you are wrong to write that.
  • Morphine from London, EnglandI don't think its the best song they have made. It was too overplayed to be honest.

    But it was okay.

    It got them alot of publicity and more fans.
  • Brenna from Calgary, Abi love this song so much and i luve the lyrics in the song and i guess wat it talks about is teenagers that scare the living Sxxt out of people and then in the second verse after the chorus its about a kid who isnt rlly fitting in and hes getting bad names so he pretty much pulls out a gun and shoots but its a rlly meaningfull song..at least i think it is
  • Aaron from Charleston, Scone more thing bout the retard who posted the led zeppelin thing....rock and roll has not died out where the hell have u been??? /i love zeppelin but that doesnt mean u have to hate MCR. plus dazed and confused is NOT zeppelins best song...... so stop going on bout that......but FYI im only 17 and i love zeppelin and i wasn't even alive when their songs came out.....so the fact i listen to em proves that rock and roll isnt dying
  • Aaron from Charleston, Scactually this song is about Gerard Way and his expierence through New York he travled on the subway everyday and he had to go through it with teenagers all over him. He got sick of em and made this song bout it.
  • Skyttles from Poolpartytopia, Czech RepublicI like this song...but then EVERYONE knows it and its a little overplayed where I'm from.

    I'm really getting into the early MCR stuff myself..
  • Latasha from Austin, Txi love this song it really speaks out to us kids
  • Cal from Baltimore, Mdthis song is really good i think its about a kid who gets picked on alot and brings a gun to school and shoots people look at the lyric but if your troubled and hurt what you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did it makes sense
  • Joeybranconi from Philly, PaI think that this song has the worst guitar solo ever. What is happening to bands these days. The 60's and 70's were GROOVY. The guitar was awesome. Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused RULES! Rock and Roll is dead now. Nothing will bring it back. Here is my advice: Right now, listen to all of Dazed and Confused (either on youtube or limewire or something) and then listen to teenagers. Then tell me what song is better.
  • Jess from Hamilton, Nji love this song its totaly awsome i love it so much and i also love mcr
  • Sheeberson from Wrightsville Beach, Ncya know, i dont particularly enjoy my chemichal romance... but this is quite a good song.

    And Stephen, the lyrics are great! Are they any worse than "Stairway To Heaven"? How about "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? No, BUT, they are still GREAT songs
  • Mickey from Mars, PaIf you think thissong is just about boys, you're wrong. Girlsare thesameway. And the "what you've got under your shirt" line made me freak out laughing the first time I heard this song. And my baby siswas like "What does that mean?" and I said "You'll learn when you're older, babe." Gun reference, much.
  • Jeevy from I.e., CaI've just recently realized that this music video was a spin off of Nirvana's teen spirit.
  • Briana from Greensboro , NcI think this song is about teenage guys mostly.
  • Toast from Portland, Metotally ripped off nirvana. it wasn't an influence;; it was the backbone to the entire concept. gerard way is an alcoholic hypocritical bastard, and i've got no respect for that man anymore. stephen is right;; lyrics suck for this song. not only that, but the band has lost any creative drive that was prevelant in the bullets album.

  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnwell that would explain it ,i relly do wish there were some new grunge bands though .
  • Morgan from Gresham, Ormcr was influenced a lot by that song. in the making of videos for some of their music vids they talk about teen spirit being an influence.
  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnyes it does remind me of the "teen spirit" video,hunter,im glad im not the only one that caught that.i think its referring to how they water teenagers down so they will fit into society better,and "clean up your looks with all the lies in the books,to make a citizen out of you . . .",refers to the goverment making us believe that america never does anything wrong.i could go on for hours and hours and hours.trust me just read th lyrics.
  • Hunter from Marion, ArOkay... is it just me, or does this video remind you all of the "Smells like Teen Spirit" video?
  • Amy from Baltimore, MdI don't think the lyrics are terrible. they're all right, y'know? Gerald Way did pretty well in my opinion. I love this song.
  • Billy from Albany, Nyi know its so catchy! im singin it all the time! i kinda like it
  • Shyla from Fairbanks, Akyea but its so catchy! lol no it makes alot of sense really..
  • Stephen from Claymont , Dethe lyrics in this song are terrible........ this song gives off one of the worst influences ever
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