Don't Wait

Album: The Peace And The Panic (2017)
  • Neck Deep drummer Dani Washington penned this song. Frontman Ben Barlow told Kerrang: "In the past it had been one member and my brother writing all the songs, but on this record we had more freedom to share ideas. We always have a punkier song on every release. I'd say this is more of a political song that 'Happy Judgement Day.'"
  • This features Sam Carter from Architects. Ben Barlow told how the collaboration came about:

    "We didn't want to have a guest on there for the sake of it, it needed to be a unique thing, to do something interesting and branch out of our genre. We didn't just want another pop-punk singer, we wanted something to stand out.

    Dani wrote 'Don't Wait' and it was this heavy song and we all thought of Sam. It's a great fit, two British bands, both doing really well. Him saying yes was a dream come true, we're all Architects fans, they were a big band for us when we were getting into heavy music and now we've got Sam on our record. I idolised the sound of his voice, he's such a star and it's a really cool thing."
  • Ben Barlow told Kerrang that "Don't Wait" is an exploration into the band's heavier side. "We knew straight away it would be a good one, a nice change of pace on the record, taking it back to our roots a little bit," he said. "It's got a pretty strong political message - it's just telling people to get involved and open their eyes to what's going on in the world. Don't wait for someone else to be your voice."


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