Better Days
by Neiked (featuring Polo G)

Album: Single release only (2021)
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  • Here, Neiked teams up with English singer-songwriter Mae Muller and American rapper Polo G for a high energy disco-pop song.
  • A lonely Muller kicks the track off by pining for a man to come into her life. She's been on her own since the breakdown of her previous relationship and is longing for "better days."
  • During his verse, Polo G boasts that his prayer for better days has been answered: "Now it's three hundred K when my day ends."

    Polo also reflects on a night spent with a sensitive girl.

    Said, "Be careful with her heart 'cause it's fragile"
    And thinkin' 'bout her past make her lash out

    For Neiked, the simple yet complex lyric is one of his favorites on the song. "You know, everybody's been through heartache and tough times," he told Genius. "Sometimes the feelings and memories of it just stays there for a bit longer – and with those people we have to be extra gentle. I think that's what Polo is emphasizing."
  • The song is the first Hot 100 hit for both Neiked and Mae Muller. The Swedish producer previously reached the upper regions of the charts all over Europe with his 2016 single "Sexual," but the English singer had never been on a hit tune before. Polo G is a serial visitor to the Hot 100, including topping the chart with "RAPSTAR."
  • Muller traveled to Sweden in November 2020 for a session with Neiked. When the writer/producer played her a track he'd written called "Better Days," she initially hesitated to take it on. "I feel like I'm a songwriter first and foremost, so to me, taking the song was a really scary thing," Muller told Billboard. "But I was like, 'This is a banger. If I don't try it out, the only person that's going to lose is me."


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