Album: Welcome To The Jungle (2013)
Charted: 4
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  • This upbeat tune serves as the follow-up to Neon Jungle's debut Top Ten single "Trouble."

    "It's about letting go and having a good time," the group said of the cut. "We experience a lot of different emotions performing and listening to the song. Having it loud pumping through speakers, it's just like a rave every time it plays."
  • Talking about the appeal of the song to The Sun, Neon Jungle's Asami said: "You know when you're angry and you need that song... I listen to 'Braveheart.' It's proper cringe that I listen to my own songs so much but I love it."
  • The song was written by Australian singer-songwriter Cassie Davis and American rapper and producer Sean Ray. "It's almost like there's three songs in one," Neon Jungle commented to Fuse TV. "There's a lot of different layers to it. It's very high-energy, there's a heavy beat and bass line. You hear it and immediately you just get up and move. A lot of people say it's their favorite song to listen to in the gym because it just really pushes them to go for it."
  • The song's conception was an accident. Neon Jungle's Jess Plummer recalled to Lights Out: "We were in the studio working on another song where we raided the producer's laptop and found the beat, from that very second we all believed in the track."
  • Neon Jungle told Vanity Hype magazine the story of the song: "We were in the studio recording different songs. We didn't write 'Braveheart,' but we were flicking through the producer's playlist to see what he had – like what he had written – and we were like, 'No stop! What was that? Play that again' "

    "We were leaving to go to LA the next day, so it was literally the last day we had with him," they continued. "It must have been about one in the morning at this point, and we were like 'We need to record this now!' So we re-recorded it early in the morning. While we were doing it we were vibing off it and we had our own words and stuff, so it was just like a vibey night, ha ha!"


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