New Kids on the Block

Jordan Knight
Jonathan Knight
Joey McIntyre
Donnie Wahlberg
Danny Wood
  • When New Kids on the Block formed in 1984 all of the members were younger than 17: Jonathan Knight was 16, Danny Wood was 15, Donnie Wahlberg was 15, Jordan Knight was 14 and Joey McIntyre was just 12.
  • The only New Kid on the Block that did not release a solo album after the bands first split in 1994 was Jonathan Knight.
  • New Kids on the Block was assembled by producer Maurice Starr. Over 500 people auditioned to become part of the group, yet only five were selected.
  • The creator of New Kids on the Block, Maurice Starr, also assembled the group New Edition. His collaboration with New Edition ended badly, thus he sought to create a new boy band in the shape of New Kids on the Block.
  • Donnie Wahlberg was the first member of the band to be selected. He helped guide the creators in other band member choices. Among those recommended by Wahlberg were his best friend Donny Wood and schoolmate Jordan Knight.
  • Two years after formation, New Kids on the Block released their self-titled album (in 1986) on Columbia Records. The album was an overwhelming flop, receive only very little play around their native Boston.
  • In the spring of 2008 New Kids on the Block officially announced their reunion. In May of that year they released their first single of the decade, "Summertime."
  • The boys from NKTB were real gentlemen regarding the comfort of their teenaged fans and their parents. The concert rider of the boy band reveals that they requested a hospitality room for fans' parents and also asked that coffee and donuts be served to parents for free or at a minimal charge.


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