Click, Click, Click

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  • This was the song that sparked off the New Kids on the Block reunion. New Kid Donnie Wahlberg was in New York for a costume fitting for the movie Righteous Kill and found himself close to the office of his longtime music lawyer. He popped in and while there he was handed a demo tape of a young singer-songwriter named Nazeree (also known as Nasri).

    A few days later Wahlberg put on the CD whilst driving. He recalled on the New Kids online bio:

    "The first song was called 'Click, Click, Click' and from the minute it started, it just grabbed me. I kept waiting for this kid to falter, but he never did. Not only that - I immediately recognized that Joey McIntryre is going to love this record, Jordan Knight is going to love this record and I love this record.

    The music speaks to all of our sensibilities, but they're all totally different. It was hip-hop and honest enough for me. It was soulful enough for Jordan and pop and unselfish enough for Joe. It just had it all.

    I spent the next few hours driving up to girls at red lights and playing them the song. They said, 'Is that your song? I said 'Not yet.'"

    Wahlberg was suddenly energized and drove to Jordan Knight's house that night and played him the songs. He recalled: "I told him. 'Jordan, this could be the moment right here.' Jordan heard 'Click, Click, Click' and he loved it. Then I emailed them to Joe and the same reaction - and more importantly his wife cried. So I pulled out my checkbook and we started going."
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  • Stephanie from Hayward, Canot Mark Wahlberg, it was Donnie. They're brothers and look a lot alike.
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