Come For Me

Album: Unbreakable (2019)
  • "Come For Me" finds New Years Day frontwoman Ash Costello in fighting mode. It serves as invitation to any haters talking about her to say what they want to say directly to her face.
  • In a statement, Costello called "Come for Me" the New Years Day version of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," if it were "A LOT heavier."

    However, the song Costello played to the track's producers, Scott Stevens and Mitchell Marlow, was another Stefani-sung tune: No Doubt's "Hella Good." Speaking to the British magazine Rock Sound, she explained that she told her collaborators she loves the way "Hella Good"'s structure is based on one riff on repeat for the entire song. "That's how 'Come For Me' started," Costello added. "The guitar riff intro is the same guitar riff in the chorus, and that's what started getting the songwriting process going for that. I love its simplicity and its catchiness."
  • Costello said for the track's music video, she felt it "needed something fun and in your face to match the vibe of the song." She decided to make it a nod to some of her favorite Quentin Tarantino movies, including Kill Bill, Planet Terror, Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Till Dawn. The band enlisted their longtime directorial collaborator Robyn August ("Defame Me," "Kill Or Be Killed," "I'm About To Break You") to bring the singer's vision to life.

    The video stars Costello as a vampire and vigilante hiding out in a strip club. It also features appearances from Caity (SiriusXM Octane), Spencer (Ice Nine Kills), Trey (Gear Gods and In Virtue) and New Years Day labelmates Lex (3TEETH), Juan of the Dead (Body Count), Nishad & Spencer (The Offering) & Alex (Witherfall).
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