Over and Out

Album: Rebuilt by Humans (2009)
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  • This is the second single from English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner's sophomore album, Rebuilt by Humans.
  • This song was originally written by English singer-songwriter Ben Earle. Faulkner then revamped it for his purposes. He explained to IndieLondon: "That song has had a strange journey because it was kind of delivered in another form. Occasionally, people come to me and say we think you should check this out. If you make it yours and move it around a bit, we think it could be really good. This was one of those but it's the only one that's really come to anything. With this, I had a listen and got involved. I met up with the guy that came up with it in its original form and then re-wrote most of the lyrics and went back to square one. It's not something I really do normally. I write with my brother quite a bit, so we had a starting point that wasn't quite right that we kind of twisted into shape."
  • Earle explained the song in a blog: "I'm sure everyone has experienced unrequited love, and this song is just about feeling totally invisible to someone who you really want to be with."


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