Therapy Session
by NF

Album: Therapy Session (2016)


  • This is the title track of Christian hip-hop artist NF's second album. It came from conversations with fans about depression, self harm, and other topics to which the rapper can relate. He said:

    "This song is a very aggressive and blunt song, not really holding back on this one. I went from people having no idea who I was, to getting thousands of people writing me about how they relate to my pain, but with that I have also received a massive amount of hate and I'm still trying to work through how to handle that as a person and an artist.

    Basically I just wanna say thank you to all the fans who told me some of their story, and thank you to all the people who pretend like they know me and judge me from some crap they heard on the internet."

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  • Nffan1 from BrisbaneNF is my favourite artist as he raps about real issues unlike a lot of other rappers such as Eminem he raps about a lot of things that don't even relate to most people maybe some of his songs might but I don't really listen to Eminem, see people say to NF that his raps are to violent but that's the thing they may be violent but as he said in his song Therapy Session "Hearing these parents, they telling their kids
    My music is violent, you gotta be kidding me I guess that your definition of violence and mine Is something that we look at differently How do you picture me, ah?" people say he isn't good and crap and also he is too violent but he only does this so he can express his feelings something I will never be able to do
  • Thelegomaster76You're wrong about it being his second album it's actually his fourth album his second was NF released in 2014.
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