Album: The Boatman's Call (1996)
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  • This song about an intense love affair was inspired by Cave's relationship with the English singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. He finished this song when their affair went wrong and the pair broke up. Cave told Q magazine June 2008 that he needed to "experience the disaster to complete the work." He added: "I'll do anything to get a good song. Even be involved in a disastrous relationship. Love dies. What remains is the art. I can look back at my songs and piece my life together. I have songs waiting now for the catastrophic element to manifest itself."
  • Cave's relationship with Harvey started when they made a video for their duet "Henry Lee." Several other songs on The Boatman's Call are thought to have been inspired by their fling including "West Country Girl," "Black Hair" and "Green Eyes."
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  • George from Pittsburgh, PaIf you want to hear a great explanation of this song, listen to Cave's spoken word "lecture" album "The secret Life of the Love Song"
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