I Let Love In

Album: Let Love In (1994)
  • The title track of Let Love In, it was Nick Cave's bandmates who insisted that the song be included on the album. Guitarist Mick Harvey recalled to Uncut magazine: "Nick wrote in five minutes, but he didn't feel any relationship with it, like it wasn't important to him because he hadn't had to struggle with it or something. It was the Bad Seeds who insisted we record it."
  • Let Love In was the first occasion in which Cave worked with longtime collaborator Warren Ellis. Speaking to Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music in a May 2017 interview, Ellis recalled the experience of being in a studio with the Bad Seeds, having been a fan of the band for years:

    "Nick was just running between rooms," he said. "There were two studios going and they were trying to mix a song and Nick was trying to record a string arrangement.

    "Nick had his lyrics all over the wall," Ellis added "He had these notes because the cleaners kept taking his notes off the wall and he had these things – 'don't touch my stuff' stuck all over the thing, it was kinda wild. Lyrics just sticky-taped all over the wall and it was on 'Let Love In.'"

    He concluded: "They had two rooms going; it was really wild y'know? But it seemed incredibly kind of, creative and productive but I was also given this window on this kind of world that had seemed so mysterious to me as a listener."
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  • Andrea from Australia Mmmmmmm. Obviously he's getting a bit of a pay back for his blasaie attitude towards love. Treating them mean and keeping them keen has come full circle; poor old Nick is on the receiving end it seems. Great song and again sung with such a mixture of emotions in his voice.
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