Lovely Creature

Album: Murder Ballads (1996)


  • This track from Murder Ballads finds Nick Cave singing about a woman who goes walking in the woods, never to return. The song was composed on the spot. "We were doing a jam to make sure microphones worked when Nick started singing this song," bassist Martyn P. Casey recalled to NME. It just popped up, like the first cab off the rank."

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  • Andrea from Australia Who needs to read when you have the brilliant Nick Cave to vocalize. I can feel at least 10 emotions through every song, you can FEEL every character; you can imagine yourself in that setting, as someone looking from above. Nick is majestic, I have never felt the emotions I do through Nick, I have Nick days where I'm teary (come sail your ships around me) and days where I want to go lottie on the world. I could watch and listen to him for hours (not in a creepy way). This man has made me see , question and understand things through his lyrics that I could never Express.
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