Edge Of A Revolution

Album: No Fixed Address (2014)
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  • The first single released on Nickelback's new label home Republic Records is a political song referencing the NSA, CIA and Wall Street thieves who, "when they get caught they all go free." During an interview with 99.3 The FOX, vocalist Chad Kroeger explained the song was inspired by how the government has been treating their citizens as well as as the war in Ukraine.
  • The video was directed by Ryan Isham (Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kiss, Britney Spears). The clip features the band performing in a classroom as well as young school children being fed subliminal messages of conformity, which they ultimately decide to reject in favor of change. Guitarist Ryan Peake explained: "The idea was to show that we don't have to accept things presented to us without question and that it's OK to challenge the status quo."
  • Kroeger told The Pulse of Radio that the album title was inspired by the way it was recorded. "We kind of did it all over the place," he said. "I mean, we were in Vancouver, we were in LA, we were in Maui, we had a portable rig with us on a European tour and we were recording stuff there. So I mean, that's why we've titled the album 'No Fixed Address.'"
  • This is the most political song that Nickelback have done. Asked by Yahoo! Music what motivated him to go down that route, Kroeger replied: "I don't know if North America is on the edge of a revolution, but I wanted it to feel that way in the song, since it feels that way in so many other parts of the world." "You turn on CNN and it's like, 'Wow!' We'd have it on for 15 minutes and we'd have to shut it off because it was so depressing," he continued. "The state of affairs in the world these days is so dismal. And I think that's where the song definitely came from."

    "While we were working, the [shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri] was a major story and there was rioting like crazy," Kroeger added. "So it definitely felt like the seeds of revolution were being planted."
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