What Are You Waiting For?

Album: No Fixed Address (2014)


  • Vocalist Chad Kroeger told Yahoo! Music how this song came about. "Once I heard that little production gag with the tail going at the end of it, I started spitting out these lines with the melody," he said. "I literally went, 'Are you waiting on a lightning strike? And are you waiting for the perfect night?' And everyone went, 'Ooooh.' The pens and the pads came out. And if I kept saying, 'Waiting, waiting, waiting,' we knew that it should be motivational song."

    "Getting a job is safe. Chasing your dreams is dangerous," Kroeger added. "If this song is the motivational push for just one person to say, 'OK, that's it. I have to leave this mundane nine-to-five job behind me and I'm gonna go and pursue my lifelong dream and I'm not gonna stop until I get there,' then I've achieved what I set out to do."


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