Album: single release only (2013)
Charted: 6
  • The lead single from Nicole Scherzinger's second solo studio album was written by Daniel Mercer, Morgan Jackson, Anthony Preston, Sandy Vee and Azengo.
    New York-based singer, songwriter and producer Daniel Mercer's previous credits include collaborating with Pitbull on his Global Warming track, "Outta Nowhere."
    French music producer Sandy Vee is best known for co-producing Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)," which won the Best Dance Recording at the 2011 Grammy Awards . Other hit tunes that he has contributed towards include Katy Perry's "Firework and Ne-Yo's "Beautiful Monster".
  • Scherzinger originally unveiled an audio snippet and a video preview of the song during the December 1, 2012 episode of the UK series The X Factor, on which she is a judge.
  • The song finds Scherzinger singing of a guy whom she can't get out of her mind and her heart keeps coming back to him like a boomerang. Another song that uses the boomerang as a metaphor for a love that keeps returning is "Boomerang" by Plain White Ts. And for a slightly less politically correct (but amusing) hit tune about the throwing tool, check out Charlie Drake's "My Boomerang Won't Come Back."
  • Want some boomerang trivia?
    A collection of boomerangs were found in King Tutankhamen's tomb (1371 - 1325 BC) in excellent condition. Some of them were capped with gold.
    The boomerang was first described in detail and recorded as a "bou-mar-rang" in 1822
    There are 7 types of boomerangs, most of which don't come back and were never intended to do so. They are the 'returning', 'hunting', 'hook', 'club', 'U shape', 'Y shape' and the 'cross'. The returning variety are thought to have evolved as a special form, for recreational use and for scaring birds into hunters nets.
    The longest time in the air for a boomerang is over 2 minutes.
    The largest boomerang was over 259 centimetres in length.
    The longest boomerang throw was of 1,401.5 feet (427.2 meters) by David Schummy on March 15, 2005 at Murrarie Recreation Ground, Australia.
  • The song's music video was directed by Nathalie Canguilhem and shot in November 2012 when Nicole was still on-air judging on the UK The X Factor.
  • The song is about not letting the haters get to you and overcoming obstacles. Scherzinger told Digital Spy that she can relate to the lyrics, "because I don't always feel on top of the world and invincible and fierce and fearless." She added: "I have my doubts and days where I wonder if I should just throw in the towel. This song uplifts me and gives me strength to move forward and not give up."


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