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  • Night Ranger was still going strong in 2021 with three original members: frontman Jack Blades, guitarist Brad Gillis, and drummer Kelly Keagy. "Breakout" is the lead single from their 12th album, ATBPO, an initialism for "And The Band Played On."

    The band has done well with songs of support for a little sister, and here they return to the theme, with Blades singing, "Come on little sister, breakout."

    It's a rocker encouraging us to find our passion.
  • Night Ranger had been living in different cities for a while, so the pandemic didn't throw them off creatively as much as many bands, but it was still a challenge to create an album entirely by remote. They had also been producing their own material for a while, so they had more control of the album but didn't have that guiding voice.

    According to Kelly Keagy, "Breakout" started with a track Brad Gillis came up with, and then Jack Blades worked with the band on the lyrics. "We would be on the phone like 20 times a day, going, "What do you think about this line? And this line?" Keagy said.
  • Shooting indoors was more challenging in times of COVID, so Night Ranger made the video outside on a barren landscape that looks like the remnants of a Burning Man festival. The scenery was also used in the photo shoot for the album.


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