Album: Human. :II: Nature (2020)
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  • The lead single from Nightwish's ninth album, Human. :II: Nature, this is the band's first released song to feature drummer Kai Hahto as a full-time member, following the departure of Jukka Nevalainen in July 2019.
  • The song is about our addiction to technology and how humanity is shaped by the use of it. Keyboardist and main songwriter Tuomas Holopainen explained to BraveWords the band chose "Noise" as the first single because they knew the subject would make a brilliant video. "I usually don't like to put out singles because I don't want to take out one song and put it on a pedestal," he added, "and make it somehow special, but these days that's just how the story goes."
  • Holopainen told Spain's that the song and its accompanying video is not a criticism of technology. He explained: "Me, all the band members, we love technology. We wouldn't ever have done this record without technology. We love our cell phones, the Internet and all that, but it's a criticism for the addiction that these things cause in human beings. 'Addiction' is the word."

    "It's such a shame that we have all these wonderful tools that we can for the good, to spread true information and to be connected to the world," Tuomas added. "I love the idea of social media, I like Twitter, that everybody in the world suddenly has a voice; we have a voice. We can immediately [get our opinions and views] out there. It's just a matter of what you put out there. And that's what the video is all about."
  • Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror served as inspiration for the song. The dystopian TV series is alluded to in these lyrics:

    From the sunless world
    Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back


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