Gave Up

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  • On this industrial rocker, Trent Reznor does a bit of self-loathing, singing about his "steady systematic decline." Reznor really was battling some demons, and would continue to do so for quite some time. This genuine dark fury was typical of his work at the time, and helped Nine Inch Nails develop a huge following.
  • This was part of the Broken EP, which was released three years after the first Nine Inch Nails album, Pretty Hate Machine. Trent Reznor produced a short film featuring the songs on the EP, which became known as "The Broken Movie." The film was never released, but made the rounds via leaked copies. It was made to look like a snuff film, and some viewers were convinced it was. "Gave Up" plays at the end of the film, where a killer is shown mutilating and murdering a victim. According to Reznor, the film was never released because he thought it would overshadow the musical message of the album.

    A much more palatable video was released for the song. This one was directed by Jon Reiss and features an appearance by Marilyn Manson.
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  • Cayleigh from NvThis video was not the one rumored to be a snuff film. The Nine Inch Nails video rumored to be a snuff film was Down In It. Gave Up isn't even on the same album. But as said before, the song was part of a full album film that is graphically disturbing.
  • Bry from Dayton, OhThis video was filmed at Rezners rented home 10050 Ceilo dr..... the site of the Sharon Tate murder..Reznor rented the home and put his studio La pig inside the drummer is sitting atop the spot where Jay Sebring was found You can still see the original loft ladder that trent sings under ( bad luck) The draped flag over the soundgear is a direct link to the flag that was over the couch at the crime scene you can see the rafters where the murderes attmepted to Hang sebring and Tate clearly in the video..I think its ominous that the Name Gave up came about.... Abigail Folgers last words were I give up..take already dead you can see pics of this living room at search 10050 Ceilo its awesome..Not to mention the Fact That brain Werner appears in this video Marlyn Manson ( No make up) Not In Character haha However Manso did record some of his work in this studio
  • Joel2point0 from Nashville, Tnwhere is the mutilating and murdering part? i missed that.
  • Koronis from City, OnIt is not a snuff film, the entire Broken movie was set up as a performance
  • Kendall from Bowling Green, OhI don't think it's a snuff film. I think it's performance.
  • Jesse from Sabina, OhI have that video, and I'm pretty sure it's a snuff film.
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