Mr. Moustache

Album: Bleach (1989)
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  • Based on a comic strip of the same name drawn by Kurt Cobain, this song is about the stereotypical macho man Cobain often encountered during his adolescence in Aberdeen, a small logging community in Seattle. Nirvana has a few other songs about this as well. >>
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    Hugh - Berkeley, CA
  • The song title doesn't appear in the lyrics. "I've never had any reason to name any of my songs," frontman Kurt Cobain explained in the Nirvana biography Come As You Are by Michael Azerrad. "That's the only difference between alternative rock bands and cock-rock bands. Alternative rock bands name their songs with titles that don't have anything to do with the song or the chorus."

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  • Rowdy Roddy RaincloudAberdeen is not a "community in seattle" it's an entirely different city over a hundred miles away
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThe guitar riff is pretty easy by the way I learned it by accident, it's all on the low E and A strings it might be a half step down, though.
  • Jason from Brighton, UkI disagree with the macho man theory. For me the song is more about the consequences of capitalist society: "Fill me in on your new vision/Wake me up with indecision/Help me trust your might and wisdom...Show me how you question, question/Lead the way to my temptations" describing the false needs induced by marketing, "Take my hand and keep it clean" with the decline of Christianity people have a void of confession to fill, "Yes I eat cow - I am not proud" we are detached from the fruits of our labors to the point we do not enjoy the things we consume. The chorus can have a shaky interpretation as the dilemma faced by an escapee from Plato's Cave: "Is he in an easy chair" -does 'he' know the truth? "Poop as hard as rock" the truth is unfathomable and is presented to cave prisoners' eyes a s--t, "I don't like you anyway" rejection of truth holder (escapee), "Seal it in a box" destruction of truth holder.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI thought the line was "Show me how you question questionS", like someone asking a question, and someone else asking, "Why would you even ask that question?" And I thought the chorus was, "Easy in a Lazy Chair/Poop as hard as rock/I don't like you anyway/silver litter box". I can't clarify the meanings of the chorus lyrics but like I said in another bleach songfact many of the lyrics to bleach were scribbled down right before they recorded so they may not mean anything specifically.
  • Matthew from Vallejo, CaI thought this song was about a vegetarian trying to convince someone to convert. Like the first 4 lines "Fill me in with your new vision/Wake me up with indecision/Help me trust your mighty wisdom/Yes I eat cow, I am not proud." I thought it was basically saying he eats meat and is open to change (line 4), they talk about it (line 1/3) he "sleeps on it" but is still unsure (line 2)
    But what do I know... ;)
  • Carl-petter from Norrtälje, SwedenI got the theory that when they played this song in Krists house somwhere 87-88 (on the box set DVD) they got this man (krists father-brother) dancing to this song, and he got a really funny moustache
  • Tara from Syosset, NyI always thought it was about hitler, mr. moustache, and the fact hitler never ate meat.
  • Tyler Black from Carmichael, CaListen to the song "Hungry" by Paul Revere, (a band whom ironically Kurt hated)recorded in 1966, also the riff for "Hello I love you" by the Doors. I'll wager that is where the riff for "Mr. Moustache" originated!
  • Joe from Lockport, IlPretty complex riff for Nirvana
  • Jeff from Edmonton, Aldef. dont see any reference to anti-machoism except the title
  • Matthew from Fayetteville, NcIn this song Kurt depicts a man who follows through to the stereotype that most men of that time that he was surrounded by and hated, that they were muscle-headed, redneck types that hated minorities and despises vegetarians and treats his wife like she is his, not a human being of her own. And in the line "Help me trust your mighty wisdom" he refers to the fact that many of these male types feel that they are always right. And as for the title, a moustache is the facial feature typically associated with these types of males.
  • Luke from Cambrigeshire, EnglandIn kurts cobains Journals there a cartoon that he did of 'Mr moustache'
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaThat opening riff is kinda weird, but it sounds cool to play.
  • Mario from Riverside, CaI like this song, I still jam to it years later. I wish I knew what it meant. He's a very complex person and I can't seem to figure it out.
  • Thral from Seatle, Waok...............................where do you get macho men from this i know kurt hated them but where do you see this at?
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