Boy With A Broken Heart

Album: released as a single (2021)
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  • This song came together when Noah Cunane was talking with his producer, Evan Gartner, and his friend Riley. "We were talking about our ex-girlfriends, having a conversation about messed up relationships and our personal experiences," he told Songfacts. "We were like, 'Why don't we just be straightforward about it?'

    This song is about those bad relationships when you fall too hard and they brush you off like you were nothing. In saying 'f--k you from the ones who fell too hard' you're representing all the people that have fallen really hard and gotten screwed over. That's why it's super vulgar, because you just don't give a s--t about them because of how badly they hurt you.
  • The vocalists Lonr. and Jutes both appear on this track, jumping on the song's theme. "In Jutes and Lonr.'s verses, they were in that same vibe of being screwed over when you give your all to this person and they leave you with nothing," says Cunane.
  • Shot in Santa Clarita, California, the video was directed by Brendan Barone (aka B), and features Lonr. and Jutes. "Making the video was the dopest shoot I've ever been a part of," Cunane says. "It takes the whole song to the next level where you see the toxic relationship gone wrong taken to the absolute extreme."
  • Released in March 2021, this was Cunane's first release since "Vampire" in September 2020, as he took some time off to focus on his mental health during the pandemic. "'Boy With A Broken Heart' is the start of embracing my new sound and new look and how I envision myself making music and how I envision what I want to do, and how I want people to see and feel for me," he said.

    By this time, Cunane had been through pop star training in China, where he performed with a group called C5. When he moved back to America, he got a deal with 300 Entertainment after building a Soundclound following using the name Sachi.


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