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  • "Ledges" is the fifth track from Noah Gundersen's debut solo album with the same title.

    When A Music Blog, Yea? asked him to pick one song on the album that best summarized what he was hoping to achieve, Gundersen chose "Ledges," and said it was a "four minute summary of my life in 2012."
  • When we spoke with Gundersen, he expanded about what specifically inspired the tune. "I had just moved into a new apartment in Seattle," he said. "I had just broken up with somebody. I was at the end of a long relationship and was exploring my freedom. It just all came out there in the lyrics."
  • Gundersen's lyrics often honestly portray what is happening in his personal life and "Ledges" is another example of that occurring:

    Here, I stand on the edge of the ledges I've made
    Looking for a steady hand
    Here, I stand in the land full of rocks in the valleys
    Trying to be a better man for you
    But I drink a little too much
    It makes me nervous
    I've got my grandfather's blood
    And I take a little too much
    Without giving back
    If blessed are the meek, then I'm cursed


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