Album: Stories Of A Stranger (2005)
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  • This song was written about John Lennon, who lived in a building called The Dakota in New York City. At some of O.A.R.'s concerts they have large monitors with various images of Lennon. >>
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    Jennifer - Murrysville, PA
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  • Anthony from NjIt was a nightmare. Unfortunately never awakened from. I was 15 and came downstairs in the morning. My dad handed me the news paper saying "They shot John Lennon."
    I was numb and the pain of Dec 9th ( the day I learned of Lennon's death) still lingers. It will never leave. It was sad. Dec 8 was a warm sunny
    Monday. Tuesday Dec 9 it rained. As if the sky was crying.
    Great song
  • Pepper from Athens, TnI knew it was about John when I just read the title.
    100 points to gryffindor.
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