Oasis Artistfacts

  • 1991-2009
    Liam GallagherVocals
    Noel GallagherGuitar
    Paul ArthursGuitar1991-1999
    Paul McGuiganBass1991-1999
    Tony McCarrollDrums1991-1995
    Alan WhiteDrums1995-2003
    Gem ArcherGuitar2000-
    Andy BellBass2000-2004
    Zac StarkeyDrums2004-
  • They are often compared to The Beatles. Liam Gallagher has a son named Lennon with his ex-wife, actress Patsy Kensit.
  • Noel is five years older than Liam, but Liam formed the band. Noel joined after a year as a roadie for The Inspiral Carpets. He had been writing songs, which became the hits for Oasis, including "Live Forever."
  • The Gallagher brothers are notoriously surly toward their fans. "I don't have to be nice to people because they dig my music," Noel told Rolling Stone. "I don't live my life to have my picture taken by fans. I'm not asking them to buy records. They buy them because they like them."
  • They are wildly popular in England, with eight #1 hits, but have never had much success in the US. Noel claims this is because Americans have "very bad taste" in music, and cites The Backstreet Boys as an example.
  • Noel left their 2000 European tour after he and Liam got in a fist-fight in Barcelona. They finished the tour without him.
  • Noel and Liam are from Manchester and have the thick accents associated with the city. MTV once poked fun at their inscrutable speech by subtitling them.
  • Paul Arthurs and Paul McGuigan left the band during the recording of the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants album, and their parts were recorded again by the actual guitarist and bassist, Gem Archer and Andy Bell. >>
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    Carlos Arredondo - Monterrey, Mexico
  • Their album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants is named after an inscription on the British 2 Pound coin. The coin says: "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants and is a tribute to Isaac Newton. The album title was supposed to say "shoulders," but by the time they noticed the mistake, it was too late.
  • In 1996 the group smashed the record for most weeks on the UK singles chart in one year with 134 weeks. The previous best was Adam And The Ants back in 1981, who amassed 91 weeks in that year. >>
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    Chris - Stoke-on-trent, England
  • Drummer Zac Starkey joined Oasis for a tour in 2005. He is the son of Beatles drummer Ringo Star, and was working with The Who. His decision to join Oasis threw off plans for a tour and album from The Who. >>
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    Calum - Lossiemouth, Scotland
  • Noel Gallagher has a daughter called Anais with his ex-wife Meg Matthews and Liam has two sons: Lennon, whose mother is Patsy Kensit, and Gene, whose mother is Liam's wife Nicole Appleton who used to be in All Saints. >>
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    Claire - Manchester, England
  • Definitely Maybe was voted best album of all time by NME and partners. (What's The Story) Morning Glory? ranked fifth in this chart. >>
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    Daniel - London, England
  • Together with Blur and Pulp, Oasis are closely identified with the Britpop movement. Britpop is an abbreviation of British Popular music, referring to the mid-1990s sound epitomized by guitar based tunes. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Liam Gallagher married Nicole Appleton of All Saints in 2008. Like Liam, Nicole also has a singing sibling: her sister Natalie is also in All Saints, and married Liam Howlett of The Prodigy in 2002.
  • The band's name was taken from Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre in south west England, a clothes shop in the Manchester Arndale Market called Oasis, and a taxi rank round the corner from where they lived. Liam Gallagher told NME in 2013: "It meant that we were out there, because we were different. It was a s--t name."
  • Noel Gallagher on songwriting: "With every song that I write, I compare it to the Beatles. The thing is, they only got there before me. If I'd been born at the same time as John Lennon, I'd have been up there."
  • Although he is naturally left-handed, Noel Gallagher plays the guitar right-handed. He claims it is the only thing he does with his non-dominant hand.
  • Liam Gallagher revealed while taking part in a celebrity version of the UK Channel 4 show, Gogglebox, that neither he, Noel or elder brother Paul can swim. "Good for you swimmers, I'm jealous, I wish I could swim," he said. "I struggle when it goes deep and that. I start flapping around like some mad crazy salmon."
  • Noel Gallagher's rebellious streak was revealed early in his life when he was expelled from school aged 15 for throwing a bag of flour down some stairs and over a teacher.
  • The Gallaghers' father used to DJ in the Irish social clubs, so he had a big vinyl collection of country-and-western and Irish traditional music. One day their dad disappeared for a couple of days, and when he came back he had a guitar: a blonde Gibson hummingbird, which Noel Gallagher assumed he won playing cards. "I picked it up one day," the Oasis musician recalled to Mojo magazine, "and started playing Joy Division (hums "Love Will Tear Us Apart") and it just went from there."
  • Growing up, Liam Gallagher was into football, not music. He even thought his brother Noel odd for playing the guitar. Then one day when he was 14 or 15, a hooded yob from another school whacked him on the head with a mallet. "I ended up in hospital and, after that, I just started hearing music differently," he told The Guardian. "My girlfriend at the time was really into Madonna. She'd play 'Like A Virgin' and I'd say: 'I'm not having this s--t.' Then I got hit on the head with a hammer and thought: 'This is actually a tune.' So whoever hit me, I'd like to meet and thank, else I'd still be on the dole."

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  • Kings Crossed Scouser In A Spaceship From The Wirral from CornwallNote the station opposite the roof they were on top of. A few tunes have come from those same heights and depths methinks. I can so relate to this song. What a time, The 90s. What mistakes in life I made there and I'd go back and make a few more tomorrow if the times were right. Oy Yoyyyyy, bird loves Oasis, more a Hardcore fan meself! ;)
  • Littleangel from Uk Re songbird. It is not a cover it's an Oasis song often people get mixed up as the women from Fleetwood mac did a song called Songbird .nothing like not the same lyrics and farcical to try compare to Oasis songbird
  • Kaisi from Shanghai, ChinaWill Oasis get back to us...? Liam, Noel, stay please...
  • Colleen from Allentown, PaThat dude is gonna say we have bad taste in music
    *cough, cough the spice girls XD*

    Whatever, I still love Oasis
  • Noel from Richmond, VaIt's not that I as an American have bad taste....it's just there are very few good american artists....
  • Hal from Joshua Tree, Cai managed the original l.a. band 'oasis' in 1979/80...we were produced by dave mason from 'traffic' and don gooch and given lots of 'free' studio time at 'crossroads' records...owned by graham nash and others..we had a record deal with 'backstreet' records (mca) but red tape goofed it up...email me @ hallohiner@aol.com for cd and more info ....killer 'classic' rock n' roll!!!! we were the ORIGINAL OASIS!!!!!!
  • Percival from Manila, Hong Kongtony mccarroll is a good drummer than alan white and zak starkey..why did he left?
  • John from Hendersonville, NcIt's kind of funny how Zak became an offical member for The Who and he is only a semi-official member of Oasis.
  • Schmitty from Vienna, Varichard---zak starkey isnt an official member i didnt think. and i know that noel played drums for Dont Believe the Truth..
  • Daniel from Lodnon, EnglandAlot of you dont seem to understand what Chris from England is saying about the 134 weeks in the charts. It's actually about the fact that the singles they released in 1994- Supersonic, Shakermaker, Live Forever, Cigarettes & Alcohol, and Whatever- all stayed on the charts in total for 134 weeks, its not the amount of weeks in the year, its the success of the singles in the year. Alan white retired from the band and he is not dead, Bonehead left after a fight with Noel about the ban on alcohol and drugs for liams benefit, every member of the band had to follow, but Bonehead didn't follow this and often teased liam. Noel gave Bonehead a taste of his own medicine, and kicked him out. Guigsy wished to leave the band as he couldn't take the stress of fame and being commercialised, and he decided to leave after Boneheads departure so the Gallaghers could get two replacements at once, and this would be more convenient, but this didn't really take much effect as Liam, Noel, and Alan White were the only people who actually played on 'Standing On The Shoulders of Giants'. DH
  • Richard from DublinIn response to Patrick, Humboldt, IA

    Fleetwood Mac did indeed record a song titled Songbird (written and sung by Christine McVie) on their Rumours album.

    However, I prefer Eva Cassidy's version on her Songbird album, where it is the title track.
  • Richard from DublinZak Starkey was not named as a full-time band member till May 2005. Even though he did all the drumming on "Don't Believe the Truth" he wasn't featured on the album's sleeve and rarely appeared with the rest of the band in promotional activities such as interviews and photo-shoots.
  • Cara from PerthIs there any relation between Liam Gallagher and Peter Gallagher the actor?
  • Patrick from Humboldt, Iasongbird is by fleetwood mac
  • Claire from ManchesterSongbird is a really good song and it isn't a cover Liam Gallagher wrote it and it is on the album "Heathen Chemistry".
  • Kayla from LondonThey sing a song called "songbird". Now I'm not exactly sure if they wrote it themselves or if its a cover but I love it. They are an incredible band and despite all the fighting between the gallagher brothers, they play incredible shows, which worked out conveniently for me when I saw them in Madrid. Awesome concert.
  • Matt from Bristol, EnglandLauren, Toronto, Canada, that is the funniest thing I heard all year. Seriously im crying
  • Jose from Los Angeles, LaHey My Name Is Jesus santillan and I think Oasis Is the greatest band ever and no one could beat them.
  • Jose from Los Angeles, LaOasis did have succes here in the United states yeah at the time people liked crappy music like backstreet boys but Oasis was huge thats why wonderwall/champagnesupernova/and Don't Look Back in Anger were number 1 including other songs and albums and that's why people compared them to The Beatles.
  • Lauren from Toronto, CanadaAlan White did not leave the band, he passed away in january 2004
  • Jayashree from Chennai, Indiahere's something interesting i read somewhere... you've heard fade-in out by oasis... apparently the guitar part of it is played by none other than johnny depp!
  • Zaeem from Coventry, EnglandPossible the finest english band since the beatles
  • Greg from Bellaire, TxI think Chris from England might mean that they were on the charts for 134 weeks? That's over 2 and a half years. I myself haven't been able to find any evidence on that fact, but I don't have too much trouble believing it's true.
  • Cammy from Glasgow, Scotlandoasis are amazing everyone always says they sre past it and arent good any more but thet still kick ass!!!!!!!!
  • Tim from New Orleans, LaOne of the greatest bands since The Beatles.
  • Calum from Lossiemouth, ScotlandAlan White never got booted out the band, Nick from Southamton!!!, he left and that have got Zac Starkey as the drummer, son of Beatles drummer Ringo Star.....
  • Sean from Middlesex, EnglandGem Archer was singer/songwriter in the indie band 'Heavy Stereo' (i think !!) and Andy Bell was in Ride, and another great indie band, 'Hurricane *1 (thats number 1)
  • Sean from Middlesex, EnglandTony McCarrol was sacked in April 1995 just as their single 'Some Might Say' had gone in the UK charts at number 1. There had been an argument with him and Liam in a bar in Paris. I dont think Noel liked him much, in fact if you you look at the Video for 'Live Forever' Tony McCarrol is buried alive at the end!!! Alan White was drafted in as his replacement. He is Steve White's younger Brother, who plays drum's for Paul Weller.
  • Heather from Canberra, Australialiam gallagher once told a work exiperence kid at the big dayu out in australia that the most important thing is to never fall over in piblic
  • Chantal from Liverpool, Canadaalso an amazing song by Oasis: Champagne Supernova --truly one of my favorites!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandRyan, Chris didn't phrase it wrong. If you think about it, Oasis must have had more than one single on the chart at the same time and therefore each song is accounted for individually.
  • Ryan from Victoria, TxThis is directed at "Chris - Stoke-on-trent, England." In your post it says that Oasis was on the UK singles chart for 134 weeks in one year. There are only 52 weeks in a year. Did you phrase this wrong or am I reading it wrong?
  • Nick from Southampton, EnglandAlan Whites now been booted out.The whole band had enough of him so they've gotten rid of him.Noel will do the drums for thier next album and hire a session musician for live shows
  • Richard from Alva, Oktony mccarroll actually got booted well before 1999, alan white joined the band for their second album and has been with the band ever since. andy bell was in another very influential brit-band before joining up...he was a driving force in the shoe-gazer band "ride."
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