Digsy's Dinner

Album: Definitely Maybe (1994)


  • This song came from a bit of messing about in the studio with a friend of the band named Digsy. Noel Gallagher was on drums and Digsy had the microphone, was singing about lasagna and just generally joking about.

    Gallagher commented in Isle of Noises by Daniel Rachel: "If you wrote 'Digsy's Dinner' now, The Guardian or the music papers would destroy you. It's a song about going to someone's house for lasagne – you only write songs like that when you're free of inhibitions."

    Digsy returned the favor to Noel by writing a song called "Noel's Nose," which was a little tongue-in-cheek. >>
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    Daragh - Dublin, Ireland
  • Speaking on XFM, Creation Records founder Alan McGee said he believed the song was a parody of Oasis' Britpop rivals, Blur. "I think it was a piss-take of Blur," he said. "I don't think Noel's ever admitted to that. It's a piss-take of that Britpop thing. It was Noel proving that he could do that in his sleep."

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  • Captainjuzzy@gmail.com from Liverpool, EnglandI know digsy personally my dad was a good friend with him but now we only see him sometimes but he is doing good the last time i saw him he came to play at my cousins birthday party and he was just singing some songs he wrote with a can of lager in his hand but i like him alot he is really funny and i wouldnt be suprised that he was singing about lasagne because at the party he was singing about his lager but i was suprised that he never came to my nans funeral two weeks ago it would have made my day abit better but we did have some other singer but he wernt anywere near as good as digsy and i think he is trying to make a band again.
  • Supermanfriday from Wigan, United KingdomDigsy(peter deary) now has his own band but he was in Cook da Books from Fazakerley in the 80s ..a great band worth listening to...Golden Age my fav....
  • Natalie from Bromley, United Kingdom"these could be the best days of our lives"
  • Hannah from Birmingham, Englandlove this song! it's just the randomest most playfull song, whether you take the lyrics literally or the various innuendos. Also, Oasis are my favourite band and my lasagne is renowned amongst my frinds, as is my hospitality (my mates practically live in my house) and so this song is now my unofficial anthem according to them.
  • Rachel from London, EnglandIt is Digsy's Dinner
  • Gustavo from S.j., OtherIt was accidently misspelt Digsy's Diner upon it's North American release
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesClaire, it's possible they may have made a spelling error on the album, these things do happen you know!!! You are right though, the correct song title is "Digsy's DINNER", not Diner
  • Lauren from WrexhamIt really is called Digsy's Dinner
  • Claire from ManchesterIt is called Digsy's DiNNer, before you say i'm wrong why dont you check out Definitely Maybe- the album that has Digsy's DiNNER on it. Ive had the album since it came out and they're not exactly gonna make a spelling error on their album are they? Check out the album, its really good.
  • Sigmoid from Vancouver, CanadaI'm watching the Oasis Definitely Maybe DVD and the song is listed as 'Digby's DiNNer'.

    Also I have a tape 'Live in Concert' that lists it the same way. Maybe they like to change the name around from time to time?
  • Daragh from Dublin, IrelandThe song is called DIGSY's DINER. Whether its about dinner, sex or whatever else, its still called DIGSY'S DINER... see url to Oasis official website..

  • Claire from Manchester, EnglandI know totally Mark from Blackpool it is Digsy's DiNNer!!! For goodness sake you think they'd get it right!!!
  • Mark from Blackpool, EnglandThis song is Digsy's DiNNer not Digsy's DiNer as said on this site, although this is a common misconception.

    Apparently this song was originally about oral sex. If you listen closely to the lyrics it has various sexual innuendo's; although this is debatable.
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