Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer

Album: Remedy (2014)
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  • The song's music video pays tribute to prison life. It was filmed inside the now-decommissioned Tennessee State Prison, which stood in for the real-life Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Morgan County, Tennessee. The clip features guest appearances from Marty Stuart, Dom Flemons and JP Harris.
  • The video tells the story of an inmate who hatches a plan to escape, mixed with clips of the band performing the song for a group of prisoners. "Brushy Mountain is one of those epic prisons," bandleader Ketch Secor told CMT Edge. "It's one of the most famous prisons in the south, and it just sounds like an imposing place. It's up there with Sing Sing, Alcatraz, Attica. There's a respect that has to be paid when you're going to make your video actually inside a prison's walls, actually in prison jumpsuits."

    "It's funny, you send out your song to a couple of producers in Nashville, and the video treatments come back basically like Bikini Prison Break," Secor continued. "You know, it was all about the girls that are washing your cell block down or whatever. But we really pride ourselves on the fact that there's not a single woman in this video, except the man who plays one."

    "We wrote this treatment that just felt like it was fun," he added. "And if you were on the inside and you got to see this, hopefully you'd be rooting for Cory [Younts] and his escape, and you'd be rooting for Chance [McCoy] and his lipstick and hacksaw."


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