Bump in the Road

Album: All The Love (2001)


  • Adams wrote this song herself. She talked about it in I Got Thunder: Black Women Songwriters and Their Craft: "With that song we had actually gone through a bump in the road in our marriage. And when we hit one of those I think our first reaction is to throw up both hands and say, 'I don't want this at all.' You know, we've become a fast-food society, a disposable society, so if things don't work - get another one. This has become our nature. With that song I was working out for myself, I was learning the difference in a love with no maturity and a love with maturity. I think when you've been blessed with that latter you can discern a big ol' mountain you can't get over from a bump in the road, but being able to do that depends on how deep your well is. How much you're able to give and forgive."


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