Album: Right Place, Right Time (2012)
Charted: 1 25


  • Olly links up with American rapper Flo Rida for the first single from his third album, Right Place, Right Time. "Getting Flo Rida on the record was kind of easy, in a way. [It] wasn't hard," he told MTV News "I was expecting it to be a lot harder than it was. We just literally sent him the track, his people the track and they heard it and really liked it. And Flo Rida was like 'I really want to do it.' So he was up for doing it."
  • After sending Flo-Rida the track, the rapper returned it with his additional rhymes within a few days. "I just think the way the song is," Murs told MTV News, "and when people hear it, they'll understand why Flo Rida is such a perfect person to sing the song and get his vibe on it."
  • The album title reflects the way everything has fitted in place for the British star to date. "Right Place, Right Time as a title sums up my career to this point," he said. "I've worked hard in everything I've done, doing what's felt right, and everything has fit into place. It sums up the sentiment for this whole album."
  • The song was Olly Murs' fourth UK #1. His previous chart-toppers were "Please Don't Let Me Go," "Heart Skips A Beat" and "Dance With Me Tonight."
  • Regarding the song's meaning, Olly explained: "It's written from experience. I'm sure lots of men have had girls in their life who've been trouble. You wouldn't normally fancy them, but there's something that fixates you - a look in their eyes that entices you in. She's not marriage material, but you can't help wanting to be around her."
  • MTV News asked Olly what Flo Rida brought to the track? He replied: "It was really the song. I think sometimes, it's getting someone that fits you but fits the project and fits what you're doing. For me, the record itself was called 'Troublemaker,' and the song's about a girl and we all end up getting girls in our life who are a bit of trouble at times. And I'm sure Flo Rida's [known] lots of girls he's after that are a bit trouble. So he fit the bill in that sense. I'm so happy that when he did do it, it fit so well."
  • Murs tapped into a mixture of British and American influences as well as doing his own thing when crafting the song's sound. He told "I don't feel it's unfair to say ["Troublemaker"] is just Jamiroquai and Maroon 5 because I feel there's lots of other artists who've got that same sort of vibe. I just decided to do something completely different, completely random and really just try and be creative."
  • Murs told Glamour magazine that he decided to get a rapper on the tune after he and co-writers Claude Kelly and Steve Robson had trouble coming up with something for the middle 8.

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