Album: Midnight Memories (2013)
Charted: 58 11
  • One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson wrote this throwback '80s-sounding song with Jamie Scott. The British songwriter also co-penned two tracks on both Up All Night and Take Me Home and seven all together on Midnight Memories including the second single "Story of My Life." His other credits include Enrique Iglesias' "Heartbeat" and Matt Cardle and Mel C's duet's "Loving You." Scott also had two UK Top 40 singles in the mid 2000s with his own band, Jamie Scott and the Town ("Just" and "Searching").
  • This was released as a promotional song from Midnight Memories on November 18, 2013. It immediately shot to #1 on the iTunes sales charts in many countries including the UK, US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France and Italy.
  • Co-producer Julan Bunetta told MTV News why he thinks this song has resonated with fans. "I think that the lyric probably pertains to what a lot of the fans are going through and feel," he said. "People feel like they're alone and that's what their escape is, Twitter and [finding] people that also relate to them, and everyone finding each other from different parts of the world that are going through the same things," he said. "[I think] it was a kind of a pretty accurate depiction of the loneliness someone can feel in such a huge world and someone saying 'Hey, I feel you. I know you're there. I notice you; it's OK. You're not alone.'"


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