• This airy piano ballad features The xx's Romy Madley Croft playing the guitar. OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder told NME the story of the collaboration:

    "We met through an A&R guy who sent me an email saying, 'Would you ever wanna work with Romy from the xx?' My immediate answer was 'Of course'. She was in town for two days doing a very limited amount of co-writes and I was on this shortlist of people she'd want to co-write with. So me, Romy and [songwriter/producer] Benny Blanco, who's one of my closest friends, went in [to the studio], just the three of us.

    We did this song super-fast and then it sat on the shelf for nine months before we rediscovered it, like, four months ago. I was like, 'Oh my God'. So I emailed her and said, 'Can we do a feature?' She replied saying, 'We're doing our own album now but definitely keep the song because that would be amazing'. She was super-sweet about it.

    They're not featuring on the track as such, but clearly I wrote it with her and I'm sure as s--t not re-recording her guitar part because no one else sounds like her. We did the melody together and it was a true collaboration, it wasn't just me taking the reins. It was a song that came about from going back and forth, back and forth."


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